11:11 Make a wish! Guide to Angel Numbers & Signs from the Other Side

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There’s a good chance if you’re reading this that you’ve probably come across some kind of ‘Digital Angel’ and if you haven’t, chances are you’ll start to recognize ‘them’ from here on.

Angel numbers are today’s accepted term for going through repeated patterns or sequences of numbers – in spiritual circles they are generally accepted as ‘signs’ from a higher power as messages confirm and affirm.

But why now?

Humans have experienced signs or ‘omens’ as they have been labeled since early times.Kyle Gray

Humans have experienced signs or ‘omens’ as they have been labeled since early times. Even before cultures began to clash, there was always a strong belief in some kind of higher power that communicated with man through the appearance of weather, nature and over a number of people ‘vision’. For millennia, ordinary people believed that their higher powers communicated with them through the mysteries of life, and it was these people who interpreted their experience as a message. from the Universe or even their ancestors.

For example, the Celts believed that seeing certain animals on their way showed messages from the gods – some as a sign to move on and others to give them an impression to hold back. For example, seeing crows will indicate that much information is to be revealed, the visit of a Wren is a sign that ancestors are blessing their path and the appearance of foxes indicates cunning behavior occurs in their group.

You will find similar messages in many folklore traditions around the world, with slightly different messages – there is a widespread belief around the world – that there is an invisible presence that can guide us on our way.

Angel Numbers are harbingers of the digital age. They are a modern spin on arithmetic based on the occurrence of numbers lining up in specific ways like 11:11, 222, or even sequences like 12:34 or 3:21. But where are these numbers showing up and what do they really mean?

For the most part, 11:11 is related to daydreaming – a sign that you are connected to the Universe, and at the same time regulating your thoughts and emotions so that you can manifest your truest desires. But I personally believe that numbers are not just a sign that you can express, they are messages with which you can make a difference and live a more purposeful life.

Humans have experienced signs or ‘omens’ as they have been labeled since early times.Kyle Gray

I first started experiencing angel numbers when I was seventeen years old after receiving my first cell phone. I remember when texting became a thing and often found myself looking at my phone when it was exactly 1:11 pm or 3:33 pm and wondering what was going on. I remember at the time the real source of discussion about spirituality was going on on MSN groups, and when I asked about it, I was surprised how many hundreds of other people were seeing these numbers! Patterns and chains don’t just show up digitally – they show up on receipts from the store, when refilling the fuel tank, and even on car license plates. It seems that once you’ve been introduced to Angel Numbers, they become even more available to you.

Belief in angels goes beyond religion but resonates with many people. In a 2016 survey of 2,000 Britons, it revealed that a third of the participants believed in angels and that one in 10order It is believed that they have met an angel in one way or another. Recent polls have shown that 8 out of 10 Americans believe in angels, so if you think you’re dealing with a sign, you’re in good company!

I believe the real reason many of us see the signs is because these invisible forces want us to know that they are here for us. But, who are the angels?

To me, angels are non-sectarian beings, extending from the center of the Universe. They go beyond the idea of ​​a flying soul with wings, but rather more intelligent energies that cannot (for the most part) guide us through signs, intuition, and meditation. Some see deceased loved ones or pets as angels, while others see them as non-human spirits from the heart of creation – I believe in allowing people to people find a way to understand and connect with them. For the skeptics of angels, why not see them as your conscience or the highest form of intelligence that guides you from within. If you ask me – all the same. For me – it’s love.

So let’s get into the angel numbers. For thousands of years, numbers were considered auspicious and a way to understand the Universe – just thinking so we understand time and space, we come to the numbers. The ancient Greek philosopher Pythagoras believed that numbers have values ​​that fluctuate in proportion to the value of musical notes. Pythagoras created a system that could reveal information about a person’s personality and appearance based solely on the numerical values ​​of their name, date and place of birth – this system became what day what we now call Pythagorean Coefficients.

In contrast, today’s numerology focuses on the numerical values ​​of your name, your destiny, and your date of birth to reveal your life path number. Through revealed information, a person can understand how they feel about calling for purpose or why certain personality traits are stronger.

Angel numbers are about your own personal connection and your own personal experiences. Kyle Gray

Although angel numbers contain similar ideas and information to Pythagorean Numerology, the numbers and sequences are open to individual interpretation and vary slightly between sources – this is where the magic is. ! Angel numbers are about your own personal connection and your own personal experiences. Before jumping into my personal interpretations of some of the most common angel numbers, as someone who has spent 20 years researching and experiencing these, I would like to share that there is one message. important behind all the signs.

So, if you’ve encountered a repeating pattern or sequence of numbers and you’re trying to figure out what it means, here are the 3 most important things you need to know:

1. You are on the right track

For the signs to appear in your life, you need to have a certain mental arrangement to experience them. So even if you’re going through a tough and overwhelming period, the cues are still there to remind you to hold your ground and move on.

I have learned that signs only appear when we are on the right path. If we are going through them during difficult times, the Universe/Angels/Wisdom will show up to let us know that things will get better and keep going.

2. You are not alone

Whenever you get a sign, this is the final message! You are surrounded by invisible forces that love you and are here to guide you. When you are going through a sign, you have merged into the oneness of the Universe and it has magnetized this magical experience towards you as a reminder that you are connected to something great. than.

3. Call for help

When you experience a sign, you are being reminded that spiritual energy and help are always available to you. If something is letting you down or maybe something you’re getting through that you’re trying to navigate on your own, why not ask the Universe to help you and see what starts to change and change. Sometimes the energy that is speaking to you through the signs cannot help you on your way unless you ask.

Angel numbers and their meanings


As the most common of all angelic numbers, most people have come to see it as a number you can manifest and for good reason.

11:11 is truly the “one, one, one, one” message, an age-old message from every great saint and spiritual teacher who has ever walked the earth. The message tells us that WE ARE ALL ONE.

Because we are all one, it means that we are also ONE with the Universe and in the moment you are seeing 11:11 you are infinitely connected to the rich universe and connected to the whole of it. ability.


If 11:11 is ONE then 22:22 is TWO.

For me, it’s a number that signifies partnership, community and connection, inviting you to realize that you can improve the experiences of those around you through your choices, actions, and actions. and even through actions that are not yours.

1:23 or 12:34

If you see this number and are working on a project then it is most likely a message that your success is in front of you.

444 or 4:44

This number has been closely associated with the presence of angels. When you see 444 or 4:44, it is an announcement that you are surrounded, guided, protected and protected by the presence of angels who are helping you on your way.

Angel numbers come to those who can make a difference and who are looking to live more meaningfully. It doesn’t mean you have to quit your day job and become a meditation teacher, but rather bring positivity and light to your daily life.

Angel numbers help us to be kinder and through taking these steps we will feel at ease. The last sign is a call to action. Invitation to raise your vibration!

To learn more about how to deepen your connection with the Divine and unleash more joy in your life, take a quick look at Kyle’s book Increase your vibration, available now.

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