40 Best TikTok Videos to Improve Your FYP Algorithm

Maybe we all spend too much time on TikTok. A short-form video application that provides users with a sequence of content organized through superpower algorithm predict what you will like or dislike based on how you interact with the video. Factors such as liking a video, following a specific creator, or watching a video all affect what and who you see on your personal feed, aka Your Page (FYP). ).

However, it is possible that not all of those interactions are intentional. You can scroll through videos for hours and maybe you like one after a dark day at work, and suddenly you just got the eleventh “My money don’t jiggle jiggle” sound. With no buyback in sight, the algorithm both pushes you to the biggest trend and doesn’t let you go. All hope seems lost, but here’s the good news: We’re here to help.

What can be done can also be undone. And what follows is a list of our 40 favorite TikToks that will either buy back or completely destroy your feed (depending on your sensibilities). Regardless, we think each is interesting in its own right, and this list can help get your FYP algorithm back on track.

Elden Ring took over TikTok this year

The adventure of the noble knight made a ton of the Elden Ring video This year, riffing on everything from throwing pre-battle debuffs to swinging into invisible walls. But this item is one of our favorites. Those swamps are rough without the Torrent.

Playing Elden Ring use the touchpad? We don’t know how she solved this.

Some of our favorite Nintendo games and characters

Pokémon not so cute in this scary re-imagining their real life.

Who is that Pokémon?! Oh, it… Kirlia made from vegetables and fruits? This account is pretty goofy, but I’m amazed every time creators spin their photoshop magic to pull a Pokémon or other surprise out of ordinary, everyday photos.

The link has some the dance moves are quite flexible are from The Legend of Zelda: The Mask of Majora make the perfect TikTok.

Tufting carpets has taken over TikTok over the past year — and one of our favorite carpet makers turns old consoles, as well as video game and anime characters, into shaggy artwork.

Toadette’s mouth can fit a surprising number of teeth. No thanks!

For musical inclination

Wii Sports theme made for The entrance to the wedding is surprisingly beautiful the song. And if that’s not your problem, this account has plenty of other video game and anime themed entrances.

Welcome to Tolkientok! Even you love or hate Tom Bombadilyou might still like one of his whimsical songs set to “Don’t text me challenge” the song.

Imagine overhearing Giorno’s theme from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, play on the piano, as you browse the stores in a shopping mall.

Here The brass band is completely immaculate. Call the saxophone.

Finally, here is a list of impressive songs that have inspired some Iconic music in the game Sonic.

And for fashion

If you’re interested in the OOTD (outfit of the day) scene on TikTok, you’re probably familiar with the wild looks of Myra Magdalen. The affixed backdrop on the keyboard lends an interesting touch to her unusual sensibilities – like print Charlie Swan in a long-sleeve shirtand wear a Sunset lunch box like a giant necklace.

The wise Kaye created some incredible stylish sartorial choiceswith costumes inspired by Pikachu, Toad, Princess Peach, Luigi and Mario.

Colourpop is known for its colorful eyeshadow palettes. This The appearance is inspired by the characters from Avatar: The Last Airbender and put ATLA and Colourpop collaborative eyeshadow palette for great use.

Some of our favorite podcast and video essayists

Special Afternoon is one of our favorite pop culture critics on TikTok, and this analysis of movie posters – and what makes some movie posters stand out – is no exception.

If you love Uncanny X-Men or Marvel’s Merry Mutants, Cerebro is the podcast for you. Their TikTok account offers shorter, flexible audio clips – like this about Mystique as Sherlock Holmes – taken from podcast episodes.

Katie Grogg has become the foundation Queen of the New York Times crossword puzzlehelps a lot of TikTokers learn clues and strategies to solve crosswords.

And, of course, our own TikTok – this is about quirky theme in Arcane.

Uncontrolled chaos of memes

It’s about time someone Yassed Eye of Sauron.

This is a notebook folder of Christian Sonic memesset as a punk cover of the song “Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) by Kate Bush”.

Is that KAYO’s knife, or a magnetic shooting star Your name?

Ziggbee is a ferret and an ally of the LGBTQ+ community. Warm, giggling, and awesome, we found clips of the creature’s dance moves to be a constant joy when scrolling through TikTok.

We love our pets too

You may not think little dachshund can be a scary night demon. But you were wrong.

Stepan the cat manages to look normal and displeased in the face of countless kinds of lies – a real inspiration for those of us going through quarter or mid-life crises.

No TikTok list would be complete without our favorite anime series

Any anime fan knows the highs and lows of watching a favorite character die just to watch them Break a move in the final credits. Psyduckmigraines somehow perfectly captures the absurdity of it all.

Your honor? Your honor, I’m killing with these Cursed Hunter x Hunter coating. This particular style has become a minor trend on TikTok and while it’s not my ideal style, it’s just one of those styles reserved only for the boldest and best cosplayers.

You don’t know what “knee” is, kids? That’s okay, because Plumsoju has you to protect with a very clear demonstration video on how to do it.

A bit of cinematic magic

It’s hard to choose which is more impressive – Tope Babalola’s performance or the special effects in this Strange skit by Dr..

Laura Gouillon makes a ton of filters that any TikToker can use – but she usually tests them out herself first. Which one do you choose? Films by Wes Anderson I am.

And this is a very peaceful video of an artist create a map of Middle-earth using wood burning techniques.

And enough champagne… to fill the Nile!

Board games and dice making

There are two types Ride ticket players – people who are preoccupied with their own business and completing their route, and who who lives to destroy others.

The dice makers on TikTok always make stunning pieces – but this cross-air chess-inspired dice set is one of our favorites. There are two videos: The first one shows creative processand the second part share finished product.

These things just make us laugh

This is the way “fus roh dah“Meaning to be transferred.

These softball guys never make us laugh – they’re a sight to behold, especially when you spot them in front of a car dealership while you’re on the highway. But this man’s daughter decided dress up as one for Halloween, and then continue to wear the same outfit every day for the next three weeks. Perfect.

The Sims 2 Will never die – especially thanks to the funny editing do rounds on TikTok.

Cosplayers and their amazing creations

This cosplayer has done amazing things Bus from Totoro my neighbor – and its legs even move.

This cosplayer recorded that he learned to walk on stilts in order to pass Full Lady Dimitrescu look – height and all.

This is Toad Drummer – a metal drummer who frequently disguises himself as Toad, voice included.

And that ends our TikTok tour! We hope these bring a little joy to your day and some fun to your feed.

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