Anxiety Disorders: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

An anxiety disorder is an unpleasant feeling of fear or anxiety Feel due to any health event in the family or society. Anxiety can be mild or severe based on the symptoms present on the person and his state of health.

An Anxiety Disorder is a mental problem caused by a person constantly thinking about any situation, activity or event in their present, past or future life. This constant and serious thought process makes a person anxious, fearful or irritable and can lead to a decline in their mental as well as physical health.

Anxiety Disorder manifests after Mental, physical and social symptoms?

  • Intolerance and irritable personal behaviors.
  • Weight loss
  • Shortness of breath
  • Chest
  • Heart beat fast
  • Panick Attack
  • Lack of immunity
  • Lack of focus and sense of decision making
  • Loneliness Feeling lack of time for family and society
  • Headache or Migraine
  • Nausea, Insomnia and Digestive Problems
  • Sleep disorders
  • Weakness and rapid loss of energy
  • Excessive sweating and shivering or shaking body
  • Asthma problem
  • Back and muscle pain
  • Feeling too hot or chilled
  • Numbness of body parts
  • Feeling depressed or losing confidence
  • Sudden and unwell feeling of fear
  • Feeling suffocated when breathing
  • Feeling dizzy and low on energy
  • Increased anxiety

Here are some of the symptoms found before and after an anxiety attack.

Anxiety disorders
Patients with anxiety Source: Internet

What are the Types of Anxiety Disorders / Feelings of Anxiety:

  • Social anxiety
  • Panick Attack
  • Obsess
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • Separation anxiety disorder

During times of anxiety, our body starts to react to the stressful mental condition and reacts with different symptoms as mentioned above, these symptoms can be mental, physical or the social behavior of the person with anxiety.

When our body detects such a situation, it starts to react in the form of overbreathing, which causes our lungs to start moving more oxygen from the body and we feel a lack of breath which will create a panic attack. Panick.

Also, during anxiety disorder, our body releases excessive Adrenal Harmone which affects our digestive and nervous system and throws off the balance of sugar/oxygen in the body’s blood. .

During the Anxiety Disorder stage, our body puts tension on our muscles, causing headaches, migraines, or Pain/numbness in parts of the body.

What is the root cause of an anxiety disorder?

  • Various mentally and physically stressful situations, any unexpected event that causes you pain or fear can create anxiety.
  • Overdose or any Drug or Alcohol
  • Overdosing on drugs, sleeping pills, etc.
  • Early symptoms of heart disease
  • Preliminary status of diabetes and blood sugar imbalance
  • Any sudden painful health situation caused by external or internal trauma
  • Emotional situation

Any of the above situations could be the start of anxiety, and should be treated urgently by professionals to reduce the risk of further anxiety.

What is Anxiety Disorder Treatment?

Self-healing techniques for anxiety disorders

Self-healing is an effective technique for someone affected by anxiety or Depression problem

Focus on eliminating mental stress: Excessive mental stress is one of the main causes of Anxiety and therefore the reduction of overthinking needs to be stopped immediately and strongly accepted “Will see the next attitude” and Try to make yourself more positive with focus.

Avoid Drugs / Alcohol / Caffeine / Nicotine: Drugs, alcohol or Harmone stimulant products must be avoided to relieve anxiety disorders.

Body movement/Exercise: Physical activity through the gym or exercise can also help reduce stress and reduce symptoms of anxiety.

Adequate sleep time: Good sleep is essential to reduce stress and rejuvenate the body; Therefore, adequate sleep time and reasonable rest of the body will help reduce the symptoms of Anxiety.

Yoga and meditation: Breathing exercises and all kinds of exercises that engage the body and mind like yoga and meditation help maintain the oxygen levels in our body. Yoga helps relieve muscle and mental tension and helps get rid of feelings of anxiety.

Balancing diet: A good diet helps to minimize digestive problems that arise during an anxiety disorder. Good food improves your mood, which also helps reduce anxiety and depression.

Expert advice and medication for anxiety disorders

Although there is no solid Medical cure for Anxiety other than healing yourself and empowering yourself with positive feelings. Still untreated Anxiety can add to health problems, and that’s why timely advice and medication from Specialist doctors is essential for anxiety.

The doctor can better guide Better to relieve the symptoms of the Anxious patient by analyzing his current state of health.

Physicians may also use a combination of medication and self-medicating lifestyle changes to reduce symptoms of anxiety disorders in patients.

You’re better off seeing a specialist doctor for timely management of symptoms and the harsh health effects of anxiety.

Anxiety is a mental condition and there are better techniques with Specialists and doctors to treat and reduce Sevier’s risk to health.

Anxiety can occur at any age from school children to adults. Emotional support from family is the key to reducing Anxiety, along with a good lifestyle that helps to get rid of similar Anxiety or Depression.

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