Do you see what Africa is doing with Web3? By Cointelegraph

Crypto Biz: Do you see what Africa is doing with Web3?

If you’ve spent any time reading about blockchain and Web3, you know that the industry is filled with big buzzwords and half-baked concepts. However, concepts such as decentralized identity service, or DID, brings real meaning and utility to Web3. If you are still not interested in DID, it refers to an independent, self-owned identity that allows for reliable data exchange. In other words, it puts digital identity management and governance directly in your hands instead of some third party.

In this week’s Crypto Biz, we’ll take a look at a Web3 partnership designed to bring DID-based payment solutions to Africa. We also document Maple Finance, the European Central Bank and Nasdaq.

Fuse payment platform integrates ChromePay to bring DID service to Africa

Maple Finance launches $300 million lending pool for miners

European Central Bank chooses Amazon (NASDAQ:) and 4 other companies to prototype digital euro application

Nasdaq is reportedly preparing crypto custody services for institutions

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