Donald Trump says he can magically sort documents with his mind when DOJ wins!

Is it… it can Donald Trump can’t really get something?

After FBI raid on Mar-A-Lago, the former President’s Palm Beach resort, the case at first seems like a murder. There are dozens of classified documents there, like National Archives speak. So it’s not just evidence that Trump took top secret documents – preferably illegal ones, and evidence of spy worst – it’s also proof he lied about it. He had previously assured the government in writing that he did not have any more classified documents. That is obstruction of justice!

Like we said, slam dunk case, right? Well, if it’s anyone but Trump…

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Somehow, he moved the case to a completely different county in Florida to get a judge that He will personal designation. Trump then asked a special Master – a third party – to review all the documents before the government could use them in their case. The former POTUS has no legal leg to stand on because he just implied that some things were found maybe privileged – without ever actually asking for any privileges. In any case, the idea that he has any legal claim to top secret defense documents on its face is absurd. Now he is a private citizen. There’s no good reason he still has any of those documents.

Somehow, Judge made his ingenious choices Eileen Cannon ruled in his favor, even choosing his offer to a special Master of government. DOJ signals to exclude classified materials from special Master’s review – they are TOP SECRET after all! Most of the FBI agents who took them from the boxes in the closet at Mar-A-Lago weren’t even allowed to read them! But Cannon rejected the offer – leaving them with no choice but to take it to a higher court. They appealed to the 11th Circuit, where the ruling on Wednesday night…

Judge Cannon was wrong, and the DOJ was right!

They agree with the Ministry of Justice that protecting national defense secrets is clear More important is the potential damage to Trump’s reputation, which is something Cannon prioritized in his ruling. The appeals panel ruled:

“It is clear that the public is very concerned about ensuring that the storage of classified records does not cause ‘particularly serious damage to national security.’ Determining that would necessarily involve reviewing the documents, determining who had access to them and when, and deciding which sources or methods (if any) were compromised. “

They agree with the DOJ that delaying this type of investigation “risks actual and substantial harm to the United States and to the public.”


Finally some common sense here! Not to mention, focus on the law, not what Trump wants.

The rare good news in this case is balanced with a truly astonishing statement from Trump. In an interview on Fox News with his unofficial advisor Sean Hannityhe ended up saying what his lawyers tried so hard NOT to say.

See, it all comes down to the idea that Trump declassified these documents. Because if he had declassified them while he was still President, they wouldn’t have been classified, would they? So there is no crime. It’s an argument they’re happy to make on conservative TV and radio… but when it comes to any legal document, they won’t say it. Why? They have absolutely NO evidence that he ever declassified any of it. (And considering some of them are nuclear secrets, of course he couldn’t decipher those documents without great fuss.)

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They even told the Special Master that they couldn’t provide proof he declassified everything as it could harm them in future legal proceedings. Um… what?? TBH we don’t know what that means. We’re not sure if it’s because our law degree comes from SVU or because it makes absolutely no sense. But Master is special Raymond Dearie – remember, Trump’s choice – seems to think of the following, telling them:

“My point about it is: You can’t have your cake and eat it.”

In other words, if they want to argue that he declassified the documents, they need to do it. Legally. Don’t just hint at it. That’s not how courts work.

Well, their customer has finally revealed what everyone already knows. There’s no evidence he declassified anything. Because as far as he knows, he doesn’t have to go through any of the proper channels or you know, tell anyone. Just like everything else during his presidency, he believes he has ascended to the godlike the reign of King Louis XIV – and somehow omnipotent. He proved it on Wednesday night’s broadcast. When Hannity asked him for evidence of declassifying the documents, Trump stated:

“I understand there is no need for a process. You are the president of the United States, you can declassify it just by saying it is declassified, even by thinking about it. “

“Even thinking about it.”

Literally, he thought that because he wanted them to be declassified in advance, they were declassified. So as he goes on to tell Hannity that he declassified them but with no proof – “when I left the White House, they were declassified” – we now know what he meant. He thought they have been declassified.

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Hilariously, the Round 11 appeal panel – rated by 2/3 Trump btw – said as far as they were concerned it wouldn’t matter if he yes declassified the documents secretly, only for himself. They pointed out that Trump has yet to show why he “has a personal interest in” the documents. They noted that Trump “did not even attempt to show that he had a need to know the information contained in the classified documents … Nor did he confirm that the current administration has waived that request for with these documents.”

That’s what the DOJ really needs to dig into, considering the only reasons anyone can think of is, well, possibly a violation of the Espionage Act. Thankfully, they should be able to continue the investigation for now…until Trump’s next delay tactic.

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