Dragon Ball: The Breakers – Impressive Beta in progress

One of the standout aspects of Dragon Ball is its lineup of great villains that often destroy entire cities or planets in the blink of an eye, with little regard for their ordinary citizens. So when Dragon Ball: The Breakers puts you in the shoes of one of these villains (known as the Raiders) or a terrified citizen (the Survivor) trying to escape by working alongside up to six others, it’s a novel idea – in fact, a great idea. Unfortunately, after a while with the beta, I feel that the implementation of this idea leaves much to be desired: Dragon Ball: The Breakers feels bit by bit like such a budget game, with bad controls. , unreliable cameras and live-serve gacha mechanics have a chance to affect competitive gameplay. I’ll have a lot more to say after spending some time with the final game (we won’t have access to that until launch day) but what I’ve seen so far has not been encouraging.

During the betas held over the past few weeks, I got to play a number of matches, run around the central area that you return to between game sessions, and play through tutorial missions – the closest thing to the question. Story of the ultimate game way. What I would really like to spend more time on before giving a final opinion is more time playing as a Raid player, better understanding the currencies and gacha elements, and of course, have more play sessions with friends instead of random so I can be confident about how it feels to work together instead of fumbling around.

The opening cutscene looks great!

The opening cutscene looks great!

As far as the tutorial’s story goes, there’s a quick explanation of how temporary Seams make supermen appear where they shouldn’t, but it’s not much more than a means for Trunks to show you how. play and explain why these endless seams of multiplayer battles keep going. It’s better than a page of text, but it’s a low bar and doesn’t make it particularly interesting.

Death by Dragon Balls

Play as a Survivor (in the form of your custom avatar or one of the show’s weaker characters) as you try to achieve some objective to get the Raider back to where they came from, bringing give the opening moments of the game a good sense of Inertia. These missions take the form of finding the power keys and planting them in the right places, while protecting the various machines from being destroyed by the Raider. Since Raiders are far more powerful than Survivors, it’s fun to be forced to survive mainly by hiding and different forms of takedowns, such as skills that allow you to take the form of a random object or stun your enemy. short time.

Those heart-stopping moments you don’t really know if the Raider has seen or not can be really fun, prompting you to improvise quickly. Because the penalty for being discovered without a plan is almost certainly death, this leads to some extremely intense interactions where you really feel as though you can outsmart your enemies. mine. It’s raw power versus creativity, and these moments are often the pinnacle of what I’m after while playing as Survivor.

These moments are really stressful.

These moments are really stressful.

Unfortunately, the controls and the camera are often secondary criteria. While moving around, your character is often placed at the edge of the frame as if the camera isn’t really sure what to focus on and that gives the impression that you’re sliding from side to side. on the screen. This is doubly true when trying to target ranged skills, such as grappling hooks or rocket launches. It makes perfect sense for you to be at a disadvantage facing the Raider, but not because your character is a joystick chore.

Aside from their equippable skills, the real trump in the hole for Survivors is Dragon Change, which is the ability to transform into super-powered versions of your character based on multiple heroes. Various Dragon Ball heroes. They’re in the form of Transspheres, items you get from a gacha mechanic using tickets – I’m still getting a feel for how the balance works in a typical match, but the kind of interaction between edge play Painting and gacha are at least a little unsettling on the surface. After transforming into the hero of your choice, you can fight bandits for a short period of time to give your fellow survivors more time to escape.

My complaints about the controls and the camera increased when traveling at high speed.

While this is a great concept, my complaints about the controls and camera still increased when traveling at high speeds after the Dragon Change. I frequently have trouble targeting my enemies, even while locked and unable to aim any ray attacks for my life. When they tried to connect, the lack of visual feedback left me confused as to what was going on. It feels more like a poorly imitated Dragon Ball Budokai game, with gliding rather than combat. I definitely need more time with the Dragon Change mechanic to see if I can wrap my head around how it feels better, but what I’ve played so far the controls are poor and the camera isn’t. can keep up.

Overall, I find it more enjoyable to play as a Raider than as a Survivor, hunting down helpless citizens and destroying their toys before they can be used to get rid of me. It’s gratifying to absorb a survivor after defeating them and evolve into a new form with new skills (especially since you can destroy a large chunk of the map at a time), but even when you add fantasy power, attacks have no impact, the camera is a hard problem to deal with, and the lack of good visual feedback makes it hard to discern what’s going on. The only difference is that I have the speed and power to make up for these mechanical shortcomings, while my Survivor opponents don’t.

The graphics certainly won’t win any awards either.

The graphics certainly won’t win any awards either. While the characters retain their style from the source material and the map is varied with canyons, towns, and wide open spaces, most of the textures are low-res and near-fuzzy. I didn’t really expect the incredible visuals to reach the high standards of a game like Dragon Ball FighterZ, but after seeing how good a Dragon Ball game is… maybe It’s a shame that this one looks so dull.


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