‘FBoy Island’ Is the Greatest Thing Nikki Glaser (and Humankind) Has Ever Done

When she took me through her days on Atlantis FBoy Island, Nikki Glaser Can not stop using the word “great”. Residing on the archipelago, like full of cryptocurrency brothers, is a “wonderful, wonderful life”. The production team is very “great” comedy. The trio of girls lead the program? “Great.” Hell, even Fboys itself can be great. Insist on maybeBecause most of the time, they can manipulate like Mark Zuckerberg On Fboy steroid.

Naturally, the comedian did not take much time to declare the reality TV show HBO Max is “the best thing I used to do”.

And she is right. While Glaser did a lot of great things in her life (evaluate Rupaul’s pull race, Bake Alec Baldwin on Comedy CentralAnd a few particularly funny programs, including a new program that will be broadcast on HBO Max this weekend), it’s easy to understand why she called the organization. FBoy Island The best thing she used to do. That’s because the program is the best thing of anyone I used to do it.

Certainly, Michelangelo painted the Sistine chapel. The Wright brothers discovered a way for people to fly. Shakespeare wrote all those plays. But none of them set the phrase “fboy, f-bye!” None of those men are wise enough to blend a dozen of the hottest boys and a dozen sweet boys and dispersed them among the three attractive young girls. They also do not think about making these people compete to earn $ 100,000 in strange romantic situations.

But FBoy Island Not just a dating game. Downloaded with lots of spirits, FBoy Island Feeling like a new contest with every new episode. (Players can return after they are eliminated, if they escape “Limbro”. This season, a large number of players return to shock will return to the game. I will not damage.) With the intentional HOKEY tone in each episode, watch FBoy Island Feeling stupid when looking at his friend, extremely passionate, trying to flirt with the most beautiful person on the planet.

Nikki Glaser is the owner of the ritual on Fboy Island.


Glaser likes that the program has a pace that is too fast, gliding through boring men to instead focus on toxic people or too ambitious.

“Our program said,“ Yes, you won’t know these people. We will not waste our time to act as if you should know about them, ”Glaser said. “We call out the real images we have seen for decades, which we all realized. We will not pretend that this date is going well. We will tell you this day is not good, and we will switch to something else. “

That is being said, you to be Will witness every second Fboy locked me to cry in the bathroom, screaming in the face of the crew, let him be alone. You will see a lot of fboys pouring oil all over their chiseled bodies in transition photos. And both Nikki Glaser and I can promise you that you will love every second.

Glaser compares a show with a zoo. This is her theory: If you put a male panda and a female panda in a closed space, in essence, they will have sex. What you are seeing in the zoo is really the sex of real panda – in contrast to the sexual intercourse, I guess? – But that’s just because they are the only pandas within a radius of 100 miles.

And just like you can’t control the panda, you can’t control Fboys. You also cannot control girls who yearn for the love of your life – or any human being, for that problem. In the end, we are all animals.

“I realized in the first season that this was real. These people cannot be such a good actor, ”Glaser said. “The trick is that you take people on an island, just go out with the people they may like, then they just talk to the producers about those people, and they have no phone to do anything. What else. You will love. “

Thanks to the reality of all, Glaser also realized that she found herself a “shortcut” in the entertainment industry. In addition to relaxing in a new paradise every season (part 1 taking place in the Cayman Islands; now we are in the Cabo San Lucas), Glaser is not caught up in the completion of the exam after the retesting to have to have to have to have to have to have to have Perfect scene. Turn Oscar!

She said: “I don’t understand why people do a script program. In addition to some guests in Amy Schumer’s films Shipwreck and I feel beautiful, most, she stayed away from the script world. “It takes too much time to learn dialogues, [and] Then learn how to act on those lines, remember the lines. If you are writing the program, [you have to] Write lines, set up, wait for the camera to move. FBoy IslandYou just need to set it and you go. “

It can be easy host But at first, Glaser thought that she would really sit on another hot seat: as one of the top three women. When creator Elan Gale (an old manufacturer Bachelor Franchise) When approaching comics, Glaser said that she would fight against Fboys herself, in battle with other women.

It was obvious that she was wrong. However, Glaser has Thinking about her personality if she finally had to screen 24 men in the name of cash.

The cast of guys (and idiots) this season.


“I may have convinced myself that I could flip a Fboy,” Glaser giggled. “My strategy will be: I will participate in many actions. I will try to kiss as many boys as possible and have more fun. My goal is to find someone, and if this is the last time I can do that, I will have a fun time with all these hot boys. “

But Glaser also acknowledged that she may not know enough to handle a Fboy. She “shot for Garrett” until the end of part 1, shocked by Fboy’s betrayal to Sarah. “I can’t believe the number of manipulations that he can prepare, live on the spot, for this girl.” Sorry, Nikki. Some of us saw it from a mile.

Because she did not have to worry about fighting Fboys, Glaser did not have to plan her part in the show. It makes her funny (duh), not afraid of financial brothers and mucus manipulants, and ready to do everything on the spot. Hell, the offering of the Albert Einstein genius of the program (“Fboy, F-tee!” And “Nice Guy, Good Try!”) Was created just an hour before they filmed the first episode.

Glaser said: “They don’t give me a lot of notes. After that, correct myself: “They don’t give me not at all Note. They hold back and like, ‘You know what you’re doing.’ I don’t know what I’m doing! “

However, this must be a lie, because Glaser certainly acted as if she knew what she was doing. And she said with such a belief when she told me about one of the funniest, most ostentatious, very best parts of the program – Fboys – and really serious.

Turns out, if you don’t mean to fight women against each other, that will not happen, many times.

“That is very convenient for me. I don’t like baking unless they have registered, ”she said. “Even with that, many of them don’t have it.” Bombing of hot -tempered guys – it is only part of the job.

Fortunately, a few friends returned to the cast (we won’t ruin anyone!) Make Glaser’s life a bit easier. One of the most favorite fans in part 1, who was eliminated early, returned, as well as a second person and a winner. In the first season, all three of them were Fboys. Is Glaser ready for trouble? No. “I was very disappointed when those people were chosen,” she said, not afraid of the film. “I have many other things about [redacted returning FBoy] More than any of these people I have. “

After watching the first episode in part 2, you can guess who Fboy has returned there may be – and that can make you more excited when you continue to follow.

But while Fboys are the outstanding stars of the series, and Nikki Glaser acts as the mistress with the most beautiful people, the real heroes of the show are always the leading women. Somehow, although all of them pursue a group of men, each woman loves a different man. “It is not produced,” Glaser said. “Turns out, if you don’t mean to beat women together, that will not happen, many times.”

This is the person who changes the game. In spite of FBoy Island Filled full of joy, you will not feel terrible after watching many consecutive episodes – because of the program Really respect The women they put in the center. It is like eating a really delicious Salad Caesar with lots of sauce and Parmesan cheese: A comfortable, firm, but healthy dish. Quite healthy.

The three main women of part 2.


While watching reality shows, viewers are not always trained to respect the host women. Viewers quickly decry the contestants on dating programs, especially women, because of the inappropriate choices in their partner – even though they have not (and will (and will be (and will never) Set foot in a reality series of dating.

“I beg everyone to treat it well [the three leading ladies] Online. They are really sweet, ”she said, praying for those who will surely bring every funny moment to social media. “They have all these pressure on them. I only have too much respect for them, young and safe enough for myself to put myself in such a strict assessment. ”

Glaser said: “I saw a lot of myself in these situations. “Even when I was young, my current person, where I would see these girls fall in love with the boys I would completely fall in love.”

Therefore, it is possible that the season led by Nikki Glaser FBoy Island Not too far, after all? With lots of hidden pieces behind every corner of the actual series, not excluding that possibility.

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