Fobia: Hotel Guide St. Dinfna: Safety Codes, Elevator Puzzles, etc

Fobia: Hotel St. Dinfna is a new horror game, but it clearly carries the hallmarks of the classic genre like Silent Hill and Resident Evil. That’s most obvious when it comes to its puzzling puzzles, seen throughout the game. If you’re confused by the game’s rear tracking, item combinations, or otherworldly cameras, use our guide to solving all the puzzles in the first three levels of the game. game. Here’s how to get through the first part of the game in the hotel, which includes the puzzle in the elevator, finding the complicated safety code, and the location of the much among the keys.

Fobia – hotel discovery

After an introduction to the prison’s exterior, you’ll meet the journalist’s protagonist, Roberto Leite Lopes, who arrives at the Santa Dinfna hotel to greet a horribly fitting receptionist. A fast-motion video will depict Lopes’ investigation into the strange hotel and reports of a “girl in a gas mask” being seen on the premises. In the end, he is knocked down and regains consciousness as soon as you are given control of the character again.

Hotel rooms

The door will be locked, but if you’re reading this, you probably already know all of that. Here’s how to escape from a hotel room. The first day, take the backpack on the table so you can expand your inventory, Resident Evil style. Beside the locked door, take metal objects with numbers on it.

These numbers change with each playso yours will be different from ours, but if you read these numbers from left to right by rotating the object you will have a three digit code. Use this code on the lock of the suitcase to open it and reveal a Key.

Take the key and use it to open locked bathroom door. Step into the bathroom and you’ll notice the bathtub overflowing is quite ominous. Skip the mess for now and get two items instead: a Camera lens on the shelf and other code inside an opened suitcase. This passcode opens another locked suitcase inside a tall robe in the bedroom. The code for this has not changed, so it will always be 37251.

Inside you’ll find the remains of a camera. In your luggage, body and lens combination to form an active camera. Borrowing from Fatal Frame, this is a most unusual camera, as it allows you to look into another world. Then you’ll notice the flickering light coming from the bathroom, so go back inside and looking at the bathtub through the camera lens. Surprise!


After that quick scare, the hotel room door will automatically be opened. In the end, there’s no physical key to getting out – you just have to endure a fear. Enter the corridor and enter room 611. Use the camera on the bathroom wall to display a message. Return to the hall and take the key hanging on the doorknob of room 608. This is not the key to room 608.

Go back to the hallway near your room, 610, and use the key to open the drawer in the hallway. Are you suitable now? room key 608so go inside it, then go through a hole in the wall to find yourself in room 606. Use the camera in front of the bathroom door and you’ll see open the safe.

You guessed it – there is a Key inside, so grab it and open the room door to go back into the hallway again. At the end of this hallway is another inventory expansion in the form of a bag, so be sure to grab it in the dark. Now go down to the fifth floor, one floor below where you were.

Go through the broken wall and turn left, then grab little red card inside a wooden box. Once you get it, you’ll get a phone call from Stephanie, the woman who invited you to the hotel to investigate, then fooled you (no pun intended).

Go back up the stairs to the sixth floor and get a document containing code, 67352, which you’ll notice you need along with the red access token. Go through there, then go downstairs and open the locker with the code 164871 to get fifth floor bathroom key. Also be sure to take Flashlight inside the wardrobe.

Sixth floor safe combination

Back to the 5th floor – this is a good cardio exercise, isn’t it? – and open bathroom door. It will say Toilet on it means “laundry cabinet”, a regional term in some places. From here, you can access service area of ​​the fifth floorso go in and Use your camera to find a box with two things inside it: room key 603 and a electrical circuit for the elevator. Return to the sixth floor and open room 603. Open the toolbox using the following combination: right 30, left 10, right 5. Get another key – “Allen” Key.

Elevator puzzle

Several optional collectible stories are available on the bed if you are interested. If not, go back to the fifth floor and use the Allen key and the circuit on the elevator to start a puzzle, which you can solve by redrawing the image below. When the elevator is opened, pick up button above ground will grant you access to seventh floor when you put it back in its right place.

Elevator puzzle solution
Elevator puzzle solution

Go up to the seventh floor and go up another set of stairs to find a pistol inside the box. Well, this is not one of those horror-adventure games. You will kill the monster as soon as you pick up the gun.

Open the portal after you kill the monster and look inside a chest. Here you can remove items that no longer serve a purpose. In their place, get ammo and Chessman Needless to say, queen. Return to the seventh floor and place the queen on the board. This will open the drawer and reveal a sixth floor service area key.

Back to the elevator, go down to the fifth floor (yes, really), then walk up to Friday again. Inside the sixth floor service area is the key to the first floor, grab it. Another monster will appear. You can run over or shoot it until it loses its ability to live – not dead yet, but good enough for now. Enter the elevator by any means necessary, then go down to the first floor. A cutscene will trigger and you’ll get through the first long section of Fobia with all the digits intact. Congratulations!

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