Genshin Impact’s new 3.0 update will pose a challenge for mobile players

If you check the answer to any The Genshin effect ‘s Twitter account new patch Notice before the download, you will find dozens of players anxiously waiting for information about the file size of the update. If it was relatively small, people would respond with comments saying they had survived another one. Other fans will post screenshots of their phones showing how much or less storage space they have left.

File size is a hot issue for fans of big adventure games. When The Genshin effect launched, fans and critics alike marveled at its scope. At the time, it seemed unbelievable that a game reviewer likened The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, can run on the phone. Fast forward two years and it still runs on mobile, even as the open world gets bigger and bigger. When the next major Sumeru 3.0 update rolls out, the game will include four large and unique regions, along with special areas and unique story content for an ever-growing cast of characters. And while it may seem like a minor issue, the size of each subsequent update could make or break if certain mobile players are able to play the game.

The Genshin effect is a game that is widely popular all over the world. A report from analytics firm Sensor Tower shows that the game was made around one billion dollars every six months, the highest revenue generated by gacha mobile title globally. This popularity is also reflected in its vocal fan base, as it is The most talked about video game on Twitter in 2021. Because The Genshin effect Playable on mobile devices and free to download, it’s a fairly accessible way to play a great adventure at a reasonable cost. No need to buy a console or a gaming computer. While the game can certainly get more expensive if players spend their money to buy in-game currency and to try their odds on getting a particular character, and the game has criticized by fans for its monetization model.

Developers are increasingly finding it difficult to find a balance between delivering a steady stream of new content while still being playable on the relatively limited capacity of mobile devices. This has led to an increasing number of difficulties for mobile players, who want to continue to enjoy the rich updates of the game but face storage space issues.

xiao standing thinking in genshin impact.  liyue's landscape is stretching out behind him

Image: Polygon through Hoyoverse

Frida is a mobile player who has been an active user since around the time of launch, in 2020. They told Polygon via Twitter how bad the main challenge was. The Genshin effect runs on their phone – the game runs great and they’re happy with it so far – but the reality is that their phone only has 64 GB of memory. “I’ll go through apps I don’t use anymore and delete hundreds of photos just to make sure I have enough storage for updates,” they said.

The size of each update depends on the platform. Generally, each update is several gigabytes, although the size varies. Calculating the file size for an update is complicated because downloaded files can replace old files. So even when downloading reported to be about 6 GB, it can optimize or replace certain old files, which means the final download actually takes up less than 6 GB of new space. However, the general trend is still that the game has grown steadily in size. When The Genshin effect launch, Hoyoverse recommends players reserve 8 GB for gameswhile now it takes up about 16.89 GB on my phone at the time of publication.

The space issue is so pervasive that it’s become an ongoing joke in the fandom community. Every time there is a larger update, The Genshin effect TikTok video posting communities lament the update size or just prepare for the size of the incoming file. The Genshin effect Players who need to delete pictures or apps on their phones have become a role model in the fanbase. (In addition to deleting the app, fans have also advised other players to clear their cache and reinstall it completely to reduce the total space it takes up, but this doesn’t make the video content funny. )

Just Lunning, who has been playing since launch, plays on both console and mobile. For him, mobile does not match the feeling of playing on a console, but he appreciates the platform for its convenience. “Mobile allows me to log in to a fairly low-commitment session that complements my main play. I never played on mobile for more than an hour,” he said on Discord. He has no intention of stopping playing on mobile, but maintaining the game comes with its own set of difficulties.

“Cellphones are not made to accommodate the adventures of anime boys,” he said. Over time, he deleted other games, like Pokémon Go, Total Combat Tacticsand Visiting Mario Kart to create space for Genshin. He said, “When I buy a new phone, one of the things I’m most excited about is getting the space back. My phone will be a phone again! Not some The Genshin effect device.”

The Genshin effect has even affected the type of phone players buy. Sophie is a “proud person” Main Ayaka who has been playing the game for about a year. While she enjoys the game and hasn’t had any significant issues, she told Polygon via Twitter that “as more updates come in, it gets significantly harder to play LOL”. She told Polygon that even though she didn’t buy a new one to play with Genshinshe “picked bc 256gb which i know genshin will take up a lot of space HAHA.”

That said, not all game updates have the potential to drain storage space. For example, the latest 2.8 update has a temporary area that will not be permanently added to the game. But this has also caused mixed reactions from fans, some of whom have voiced the opinion that the game should fully scale up and leave mobile users behind.

Polygon approached The Genshin effectHoyoverse developer for comment. A company representative declined to send Polygon a comment on the matter, but said the team could share more in the future, in 3.0 or 3.1 updates.

The mobile players I talked to were clear: The game runs fine on their phones. They enjoyed the experience and didn’t have any major issues, whether it’s graphics performance or input lag. Given the size of the game, I’m still surprised that The Genshin effect works just as well on mobile devices. Whether it’s The Chasm’s dark abyss or Liyue’s sparkling lake, the game always rises above its weight for a free-to-download game. Now it’s just a matter of how the game can continue.

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