How long is the god of war Ragnarok?

God of War Ragnarok there’s a long story and lots of beautiful and violent scenes to explore, but how long is it? Below, we’ll tell you exactly how many hours it took different members of the IGN team to complete the game and what they prioritized to do during that time.

How long is the god of war Ragnarok?

  • Our fastest player completed God of War Ragnarok in 26.5 hours.
  • Our “slowest” player spent 60 hours before the credits rolled out.

Everyone plays the game differently, so read on for more details on how everyone played, how long it took to reach the credits, and how much more time it took to fully explore all the areas. area. Once you’ve completed the game on your own, be sure to submit your time in How long to beat? and see how your times compare!

Simon Cardy, Senior Editor & Critic & Producer

It took me about 28 hours to read the full story of God of War Ragnarok. Along that journey, though, I’ve completed some of the longer side quests, so I’d estimate somewhere in the early 20s if you’re going to go straight to its main path. It’s important to note that there’s no point of no return in Ragnarok, so any objectives are still available to complete once the credits have been completed.

Since then, I’ve put in another 20 hours and won that platinum trophy. That includes defeating all the really hard optional bosses and clearing out all the collectible crows, artifacts, and lore – some of which are pretty hard to find, but for now you won’t be too worried when the tutorial will be available at launch. However, I’m still not at 100% in every area, so I’m still finding myself returning to Ragnarok for a side quest or two.

Ronny Barrier, Game Producer

My playthrough of God of War Ragnarok took about 34 hours. I played fairly intuitively in the first half, only following side quests and alternate paths when it seemed really interesting. When the story started to come to a conclusion, I summed it up pretty heavily even though Atreus often told me to slow down and do some extra stuff. If I didn’t have to finish my level for work, it would take me about 50 hours, easy, and I still don’t know if I’ll finish by that point. Atreus and Mimir are in charge of the game’s pacing, and they’re good at reminding you that there’s more to the story beyond the main story, but it can be hard to listen when you just NEED the ANSWER.

The story of God of War Ragnarok is awesome, but some of the side content contains the best stories and battles the world has to offer, so don’t be afraid to take your time. The journey will be richer for it.

Jada Griffin, Community Team Leader

So I hit the 60 hour mark on Give me God of War difficulty at 95% completion. Yeah, the few option fights got me trying more than I’d like to admit, especially early on when limited by lower-end gear. A good part of my watch also includes restarting during battles to capture that hit-free perfect encounter. Other times, I spend time just blocking or dodging to observe and dissect enemy mechanics and practice timing to attack and dodge those powerful attacks to give advice to those other players in the story. If you’re reading our wiki, chances are you’re reading some of my tips.

The biggest culprit that makes my gaming watch too bulky for my peers is completing specific goals. Some objectives or collectibles are not locked by equipment (most are) but rather by conversation with a character in a future chapter, with some of these becoming available only after completion. main story despite appearing on the target list in the first place. I spent more time than I should have when I went back to try and find some undiscovered random target that didn’t exist yet. If I start from scratch now, and know that not getting 100% done before completing the credits is similar to what I did in GoW 2018, I will cut my run time in half , so consider this your PSA.

Josh Du, Senior Social Media Producer

It took me about 42 hours to do everything in the game before starting the end of the story, with a final playtime of 44 hours in Give Me Balance.

Whenever there’s a game with collectibles and unlockable weapons/armor I make sure to get ALL before the end of the story. In the case of GoWR, that means going through all the fields with the newly acquired capabilities to tick all the items on the collectible checklist. Some of it is still fun and exciting, while others aren’t so much (you should really clear Alfheim completely before finishing that arc if you’re also a finisher). Now there are all the following stories to collect. I can’t wait!

Mitchell Saltzman, Senior Editorial Producer

By the time I got credit for the “Give Me No Mercy” playthrough of God of War Ragnarok, my playtime was around 38 hours. That includes about 20 side quests and lots of exploration of all nine realms. My playstyle for the first three quarters of the game was to complete every side quest I could reasonably handle at my level, but when it came to the final round I decided to save the rest. back to the post-game, and luckily for me, the post-game looks pretty stacked. I still have 14 quests in my log that I haven’t completed and some challenges that I simply aren’t equipped to handle.

Dale Driver, UK Video Team Leader

I got through the Ragnarok God of War story in just over 26 hours and made a solid, but partially failed attempt to avoid any side quests once I did. It’s easy to get distracted in God of War Ragnarok, but after witnessing a few Metroidvania-like plays, ‘you can’t do this until you have this’ area I’ve decided to focus entirely on the story and clean up everything else once the journey is complete.

I’m glad I explored the nine realms, the story quests and end-game content is almost like another full game worthy of God of War goodness! There’s so much to see and do and it’s all unrelated to the mission. With all the tools currently in my arsenal, I started for another 21 hours looking for that precious platinum that finally showed up at 47.

For more on God of War Ragnarok check out instructions and guides.


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