Improving Health With Quantum Energy As the Basis for Biological Systems

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Katie: Hello, and welcome to the Wellness Mama Podcast. I’m Katie from and That is Wellnesse with an “e” on the end. And this episode is all about the health implications of quantum energy and how it is the basis for biological systems. This one goes into some pretty deep topics that science is still just on the cusp of understanding. But I’m here with two people I really like and respect. Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling who is a coach and entrepreneur. He’s also an energy healer and the CEO of a company called Leela Quantum Tech. We talk a lot about the work that he’s done and the studies related to it in this episode.

And I’m also here with Ian Mitchell. He has developed a series of novel therapeutics using lipofullerene conjugates, and he holds multiple patents across a host of different scientific disciplines, such as nanomedicine, material science. And he additionally holds joint patents with the University of Tulsa for viral inhibitors, cancer screening technology, personalized cell culture media for both laboratory and clinical settings, as well as many others. He’s recently developed the first vehicle gamma ray shielding system for use on spacecraft and space habitats, and also a carbon-negative concrete. So, both of these guys are extremely intelligent and well-researched.

And they’re talking about some really cutting-edge work they’re doing and how these implications can help all of us and our families. Like I said, we go deep on things like quantum energy and the energy first versus matter first explanation of life, how things like EMFs affect the body, and how understanding this also helps understand how what they’re talking about works. We talk about a roots-up approach to understanding energy helps and healing, ways to improve quantum energy levels. We’ll talk about the Hawkins scale and how this relates to quantum energy, what their quantum block is, and how it affects quantum energy blocking versus harmonizing EMFs, and a lot more. Definitely a fascinating conversation I know that you will enjoy. So, without any further wait, let’s join Philipp and Ian.

Katie: Philipp and Ian, welcome.

Ian: Hey, Katie. Thanks for having us.

Philipp: Hi Katie. We’re looking forward to this. Thanks for having us on.

Katie: I am excited to chat with both of you together because I’ve had you both on separately. And I think this conversation will go in a lot of fun directions. And, Philipp, we’ve talked before about some of the things that’ll be foundational to this conversation in our last episode, which I will link in the show notes for you guys listening at

But to start really broad, can you guys just kind of give us an overview of what you’ve developed and sort of the concepts behind it? Because I think quantum energy might be a somewhat new concept or at least one that’s a little bit hard to understand for some people.

Philipp: Yes, absolutely. So, I’ll start maybe and then Ian always has a great addition, usually. And the good news about today is that we’ve made so much progress also in regards to studies that we can talk a whole lot more about scientific results and things that are really, really tangible for this concept of quantum energy, which is difficult to understand for some, quite frankly, but it’s really the energy behind matter, right? The quantum energy, the energy that you find in every cell because every cell in our body has the quantum energy field.

Now, we develop the technology that is able to concentrate, to highly concentrate, natural, pure quantum energy in between the plates. That’s our, you know, the so-called block technology. And that is actually the profound breakthrough in this because you can now leverage this harmonious quantum energy in ways that wasn’t possible before.

And then, yes, we work with different frequencies also so that we can create different products for certain use cases. That in a nutshell is really what we do. And from the beginning, we’ve started to do a lot of testing and research, obviously, and we’ve come a pretty long way. It’s pretty amazing what we can share and also something that’s really interesting for families and kids and…yeah, so I think it is a pretty broad use case.

Ian: And the only thing I would add is that typically, especially in my domain in the sciences is, most people think of, you know, the three pounds of squishy gray matter as being the center point of all of the expression of everything that comes out from that. And I would posit that it’s actually not, that consciousness is really the fundamental. And the link between consciousness and quantum energy is very, very deep.

And because of that, when you modulate things at the level of quantum energy or consciousness, those things cascade up, and they have very profound effects when you start looking at the ramifications, both molecularly and then chemically and then biochemically. And you can see, I mean, we’ve done experiments live. We’ve done, you know, things that are posted on YouTube in real-time, you know, dark field microscopy, where you can see that the actual effects happen very rapidly.

But that’s because we are addressing things at the base level and then letting it cascade up to the level of physicality. And I think often, you know, again, especially in the sciences, people think, ah, everything stems from, you know, matter first, energy second, when, in fact, all of the evidence really points to the contrary that things stem from something energetic that’s representative of harmonics and waveforms and patterns, aggregating and coalescing to become matter and the expressions thereof.

Katie: Yeah. So, let’s go deeper on that idea of…maybe a little bit deeper explanation of what quantum energy is, and maybe an explanation going into the angle of energy first, matter second, because I think you’re right. That’s a new concept for a lot of people and maybe contrary to what some of us learned in, you know, high school biology or chemistry, for example.

Ian: Probably all of us, contrary to what all of us were taught. Yeah. Philipp, why don’t you jump in on that one?

Philipp: Well, so, you know, I leave the scientific explanation to Ian, but really, I wanna repeat, quantum energy is the energy behind the matter. I think that’s the most important concept for people to understand because we feel matter. We see matter. When I touch my microphone, excuse me, it’s matter, but there’s energy behind it.

Ian: So, actually, going in accord with what Philipp is saying there, the idea of that example, when you touch a microphone, the reality is you’re not actually touching anything. You are actually feeling the repulsion of an electron cloud against the electron clouds and your atoms. And so at its most subtle level, when you go beyond the level of, you know, the subatomic particles, you know, protons, neutrons, and electrons, and then you start looking at the particles that are fundamental for those, you know, quarks, leptons, muons, all that kind of stuff, and then you keep going down, what physics is, kind of, deeming, kind of, the most probable thing now is that all those things are aggregates of vibrating strings of energy. And so you have to ask yourself, well, anything that vibrates we know from larger macroscopic scale things, anything that vibrates at a specific rate, the frequency, and then there are other attributes like amplitude and things like that.

I actually can probably easily define about 18 different things that we would use to quantify how something is vibrating. But when you start to look at that and you start to think about it, the energy occurs as the substrate, and then there’s a certain resonance. And those patterns build and start to coalesce. And so the question generally becomes, what causes that to happen?

And I would posit that the quantum energy is an effect of consciousness, and that consciousness propagates a resonant field in a certain pattern and then things start to aggregate around that. You can work it both ways. You can look from the top down or the bottom up, but if you’re trying to solve puzzles and fix problems, you know, the physical problems, which is generally what we mostly deal with, you need to be as Thoreau would say, you know, the person hacking at the branches, not at, you know, or rather, for every thousand hacking at the branches of evil, there’s one hacking at the root. You wanna be that guy. We want to address things at the base. And in order to do that, we can’t go with the misconception that, “Oh, we’re going to address the macroscopic things, and that’ll take care of what the issue is.”

Generally speaking, the issue actually occurs before you notice it. It’s like people complaining about, you know, waves washing up on their beachfront cottage and saying, “Oh, my God, we’ve got to block waves. Waves are the issue.” When, you know, 50 yards out, there’s a boat zipping by. You really have to be able to assess what’s causing the problem. What’s the impetus for what you’re dealing with?

And I think that’s what we’re doing here is we’re addressing things at a fundamental level. And when you address it at a fundamental level, you’re able to elicit a huge response that’s very far outsized. It’s that critical point analysis of looking at the one spot in the locomotive where you can place your finger over a vacuum board and shut down the entire engine, you know, huge outcome, very small movement. And that’s really what happens when you start addressing things from the level of quantum energy and consciousness.

Philipp: Yes, indeed. And so what I would add, just for some of the people that have a hard time, you know, following the science and definitions, it can be also very experiential. So, if you just…and you may know this already, but for the ones that don’t know, you can just close your eyes and start to feel. And as you go more into this meditative state, you suddenly can feel that there is energy even around you. And that’s something that’s very, very tangible because you can feel it.

And people talk about electromagnetic fields a lot, for example, but that’s also something. We don’t feel that necessarily if we’re going about our days, but there’s some people that are very, very sensitive to that, other people that are seers, they can see that. But even a normal person can. If you tune in, you know, you could…and you have your Wi-Fi turned off, and then you turn it on, you can feel these things. You can train your senses that way.

So, the same with the quantum energy, it’s something you can feel. I understand though that most people have a hard time to feel it, but in 100% of the cases, you can actually measure what it does, and not just on an energetic level. And that is what Ian explained really that we’re coming from the fundamental level, from the basis, if you will, but it’s not just working on energy. It’s really able to change matter in a positive and frankly, significant way.

So, as an example, if we look at the blood, it couldn’t be more physical. If we look at our blood, and there’s a live blood analysis, that’s what it’s called, where you use dark field microscopes. And you look at the actual blood in real-time, and you can illuminate these blood cells. So you can see the red blood cells and the white blood cells, see how they’re moving. Then if you’re in a room where there’s no Wi-Fi, and then suddenly, you turn Wi-Fi on, you can see very rapidly that the blood is starting to clot.

They build these many rolls, and certainly, other things happen as well. Another example is that the white blood cells tend to get paralyzed. Now, when Wi-Fi is turned on, and the white blood cells are, you know, directly connected to the immune system, that’s your force, if you will, and if they’re paralyzed, you know, you basically don’t have an army to defend yourself. That’s how you can think about the white blood cells.

Now, as you then introduce a block, for example, and you turn on a block, and you leave Wi-Fi on, suddenly, what happens is that up to stage one and stage two of blood clotting is being reversed within just 10 minutes. And the white blood cell activity motility suddenly increases. And actually, everything that you can look at in the blood. And now we’ve gone even further. And, Ian, this is even new to you. I just sent it to you right before this interview that they even were able to see a reduction in parasitic load, a significant reduction, a significant reduction in cholesterol levels. So, it’s super, super physical, and that all happens in just a few minutes. And you think it’s magic, but really it isn’t because what it does, it helps a living organism to come into the optimal balance again. And, of course, if we’re full of toxins, if we’re full of parasites, if we’re full of blood clotting, all that, that’s not our optimal level.

So, it offers the opportunity for the body to actually get in that gear of now taking that balance and moving things that are in not good shape into better shape relatively rapidly. And I wanna say these are not just some random experiments that were done. No, there are multiple institutes and doctors’ practices that have now really studied this deeply in randomized double-blind studies with statistical significance. So, what we’re saying here is not just something that we witnessed, you know, in a one-off picture. These are claims that we’re making that are backed up by real science.

Ian: Yeah, it’s very much real science. We can take the quantum blocks and take substances in the laboratory, and actually, from the same sample pool, have one vial placed in the block and leave one vial out of the block, then run a spectral analysis on them and get different results after literally 15 minutes in a block. In reality, it doesn’t actually take 15. It’s even faster than that, but just to get a very a significant difference, you can see it incredibly clearly.

It actually looks like two different molecular species when you run the analysis on them, but they’re… If you run it through a chromatograph, you see that it’s the same thing. But when you look at reduction-oxidation potential, it responds like an entirely different molecule. That very clearly demonstrates that there’s something happening at a fundamental level that cascades all the way up through the molecular level and gives the same molecule a different potential to react more fully.

And everything we’ve seen so far, which is actually to me, kind of, the amazing part, is that it balances physiology, which is brilliant. Basically, it’s auto-tuned for molecules, which is truly amazing. I mean, anybody who looks at this and isn’t blown away, a little dumbfounded, and kind of left with a very deep sense of reverence probably isn’t paying attention and doesn’t get it.

Katie: And I wanna go deeper on the studies in just a second, but just to make sure I am understanding the concept before we move on. It seems like this leads to the obvious question of how then do we kind of upgrade this quantum energy within the body? And I think often in the health world, what I see is people wanting to focus on that more physical-chemical side, whether it be through nutrition and supplements, which not to discount those at all.

I would guess this is very much a two-way street that when you’re supporting the body in those ways, it actually probably helps make the quantum energy go up a little bit as well. But maybe as an example here, one thing I noticed, Ian, you mentioned the consciousness connection, and for a decade, I was doing all those physical chemical things with diet and supplements and exercise and sleep, and all the things that they tell you will help with getting rid of health conditions.

And it wasn’t until I kind of did the inner work and let go of things like fear and shame and anger and resentment that those things actually started really having an effect. And I noticed a complete change in my physical health without changing any of those other physical factors. And I’ve talked about that on this podcast before, but I think all the things you just said lead to that question of then how do we change our quantum energy?

Ian: Well, there’s a ton of ways. I think we can both jump in on that. You know, for me personally, the thing that probably opened things up for me more than just anything else, it was a big needle mover was meditation. And if you think about it…if you just wanna go back to the science and say, “Oh, you know, everything else is soft science, gobbledygook,” well, every time you have an emotion, every time you have a thought, it sends out some sort of chemical correlate. And a chemical correlate by definition is actually, you know, a quantum function because all of those molecules have an electrical potential, a waveform of frequency, an emissive correlate. Everything is linked. And so if you change your awareness, there is a direct physical link.

You know, if you look at any study on survival, potential of people with cancer, any oncologist will tell you, if somebody is tending towards thinking they’re kind of the Eeyore, and they’re gonna die, they’re not gonna fare as well as somebody who’s on the other side of the spectrum thinking that they’re gonna do well. So, those two things work in accord. For me, it was meditation to kind of clear things out or release things and move forward. Philipp, you know, feel free, what was yours?

Philipp: Yeah. So, obviously, for me, it’s also meditation and it was yoga, various forms of yoga, and then actually Kundalini yoga because I find that to be the most energetic and most complete form that at least I have tried so far. And that started to open the doors for me to this inner world. And that is what you mentioned, Katie. So, I think most people, and we’ve all witnessed that in the past, we’re so rational, and we’re so physical.

And, yeah, we’re trying to solve our problems with the physical, which, in this case, would be supplements. Supplements are amazing, but supplements can only go that far because we are consciousness beings. So, we are energetic beings in this physical body. And if we’re just taking care of one part of the equation, the actually most fundamental part of it is being left out completely.

So, as we let that in more and also take care of that, then that’s where the real healing can happen. And healing, what is that, is to be whole, is to be healed. And that’s kind of the concept. Healing has been beaten up quite a bit as a word, and we cannot even use it officially. That’s kind of the idea about it.

Now, the new thing is that, you know, with the blocks, for example, you can provide such a concentrated quantum energy field, which actually can be measured on the Hawkins scale. I don’t know if people are familiar with that, but David Hawkins, he wrote a great book, “Power vs. Force.” And you can actually listen to the audiobook. That’s even more convenient. And he set a scale from 0 to 1000 with different consciousness levels. And Ian could go way more into this than I can, but it’s a frame of reference. So, everything above 500 is kind of like unconditional love and so on.

And low levels would be, you know, if you’re very jealous, very extremely like fear-driven and things like that. And then as you go higher into these higher consciousness levels, you know, there’s way more expansion and way more things possible. And you can measure our blocks on that scale. And it’s extremely profound. There’s nothing else out there, frankly, that rates so high on the Hawkins scale than that. And it’s because of this high vibration.

And so if you are then around such a high level of vibration, that’s when you can literally upgrade yourself because it’s almost like, wow, you’re in the desert, and you’re totally dry, and you haven’t drunk water for two days, and then there is suddenly fresh water, and you’re drinking that. And that feeling on an energetic level happens if you have access to a source where you can fill yourself up with that type of energy.

And that, of course, doesn’t mean that you should stop taking supplements, no, but actually, what happens is the supplements that you’re taking, those work then actually even better than before.

Ian: One thing I’d add is on the note of the physical things, all of this stuff is basically a function of waveforms. When your consciousness is cleared and going up, and you’re moving up, say, the Hawkins scale for reference, you’re harmonically different than you would be if you were lower. Everybody’s had the experience of walking into a room, and people inside the room are angry, and you feel it. It’s palpable.

Well, that’s because there is definitely an emissive function happening. The waves of energy are coming off, whether it’s emotions, you know, positive or negative. And again, you know, for most scientists, that sounds a little frou-frou. But one of the things that Philipp and I did on stage last year was to take someone with a histamine allergy for shellfish, a mutual friend of all of ours, Todd Shipman, biohacker Todd who does Kambo. And Todd came on stage, and he was super bold.

He asked me if I wanted to put the crab juice in his eye to see if he could get a reaction from it, which was a…you know, he’s very trusting, but it was a little over the top. But we opted, instead of putting it in his eyes, just to derma roll his arm, which is akin to an old dermal stamp test for an allergist. And so we derma rolled his arm and put crab meat on it. And the crab juice inflamed everything, classic histamine reaction.

Everything blew up, swelled up, got itchy, red, swollen, puffy. Then we put it in a quantum block for just a couple minutes, then took it out, derma rolled his other arm, put the crab juice on that, and nothing happened. And you can find that on YouTube, but the reason nothing happened, it does seem like a magic trick to most people, but the reality is your body isn’t reacting to the chemical first. It’s reacting to the waveform that the chemical transmits.

Because as I said earlier, the electrons repel against one another. You’re never actually coming into contact with something. What you’re coming into contact with is their field. And because of that, if you harmonize the field…the principle in physics is called additive resonant harmonics or destructive. So, things can either be additive or destructive. And in this case, when you put things in a block and your consciousness is elevating, the block is moving you up, which is honestly quite profound.

Because as Philipp had said, I haven’t personally seen anything else that has as much as a quantum block. It’s kind of like if you could live in an old cathedral, you know, a really old, you know, 1000-year-old cathedral, it feels amazing. And what’s really happening there is the harmonics of the different molecules are starting to move in accord with one another, and they don’t have an interaction that’s detrimental or negative. And so in this case, the second reaction didn’t exist.

His body hadn’t changed over three minutes, but what had happened is he was able to harmonize the compound using the interference patterns from the block. And so it benefited his entire system. So, effectively, his body had been upgraded. And that’s I think what’s difficult for a lot of people to grasp is that when your consciousness elevates, and you use tools like the blocks and the cards or the upgrade to elevate you, everything works in accord.

And like you said, Katie, you’re not…you know, I’m not proposing that you know, we say, “Oh, well, you know, it’s enlightenment through Twinkie.” You know, I went the path of the hostess. You know, you still have to do the right things. You don’t want to go out and do something super detrimental, but these things can take you beyond the point where you’d normally get.

If you have two people running a parallel track, doing all of the right stuff, the same supplementation, the same exercise, the same routines, and one is using this, they’re going to outperform the other person, just hands down, bar none. That’s just the nature of dealing with things at the very fundamental level.

Katie: And you guys have mentioned some of the studies in passing, but let’s go deeper because I know you guys have actually looked really hard into the research side of this and have done some pretty substantial studies. So, can you explain what you’ve done and what you’ve looked at in those studies?

Philipp: Yes. Maybe I can get started. So, first of all, various methods were used and various aspects were looked at by various institutes and doctor’s offices. We found that important so that we don’t just look at one aspect. So, heart rate variability was one thing that was studied successful in 100% of the cases. Then the Emoto Institute in Japan did a study in regards to water and how the water was able to be structured and optimized by the quantum block and also by our water bottle.

Now, the results came back quite phenomenal, and the quantum block was able to change water to the positive faster than any other device or any other method that they had ever tested. That was in three minutes. And now what actually happened is that the Emoto Institute, for the first time in their existence, are importing products to Japan, exclusively to make them available to the Japanese people. And that’s the Leela Quantum products.

I think that may actually say much more than just a study or a test because they’re seeing with their own eyes what this does. And then, you know, we had Bio-Well testing. So, people may be familiar with the so-called Bio-Well device. It’s a medical device in Europe and Russia. And last but not least, the dark field microscope live blood analysis, which I find the most profound and the most relevant because it’s so physical, it’s very visual.

Like, even people that don’t know much about this, they can see the significant differences. And I wanna mention because, you know, the main audience is in the U.S. that in about 20 years ago, it was decided at some point to charge every practitioner that uses live blood analysis $100,000 per year as a license fee in order to use it as a diagnostic tool. And you know, what practitioner can afford that?

There’s still some practitioners left that afford it. And then you can use it for research purposes, but not to actually use it without paying the license fee. That’s why you don’t find it in the U.S. that much. It’s very, very common, however, in European countries and many other countries. So, in Europe, in every city, you have actually lots of practitioners that use it. And because you can see your actual blood in real-time. You can see what’s going on. You can see even bacteria load and things like that. It’s quite impressive.

First, we started with tests, so that we gave our products to doctors that had this method, and then they would report each and every time that there were significant changes. And then we said, “Okay, great, it’s nice to have that, but we need to be more scientific.” So then they set up these randomized sham-controlled double-blind studies and one single-blind study, which all of them rule out a placebo effect completely.

Because you wanna make sure that, you know, it’s nice. Placebo effect is actually something great. It’s not bad. But we can say with certainty that in 100% of the cases, you can see changes. And it has nothing to do with placebo because it’s ruled out. And, yeah, we can go into more details of what you can see, of course, but those changes happen rapidly. So, we’re talking about about 10 minutes.

In some cases, already 5 minutes, but most of the studies were done that you measure after 10 minutes again. And those changes were significant. Absolutely. And then there were some studies that looked at the longer term and then it even further improved. It’s very physical, it’s very tangible, it’s measurable, and we’re talking about results. So, in the dark field microscopy studies, we yet have to find a single person that doesn’t see a significant optimization of his or her blood in 100% of the cases that has happened.

Ian: That still blows me away. It’s such a statistical anomaly to do a test and have a 100% correlation to the test. It’s pretty much unheard of. From the science standpoint, it’s almost laughable. You really never get 100%, and almost everything here comes back at 100%. Which, again, goes back to making me thinking about how we really are dealing with the root because it’s almost like the results that come out of these tests and the data we see with the sets being so complete and always having a result, it’s kind of like saying, “Well, the test was set up so that we push someone, and if they move, we get a result.”

Again, we’re going back to the basics, and it really is. It’s dramatic. I would welcome anybody to look at those darkfield microscopy studies, because as Philipp said, you don’t have to be a scientist to understand the data set there. You can literally just look at the picture and go, “Wow, this looks horrible and this looks great.” You know, in the span of time is five minutes. It’s almost laughable how elegant it is.

Katie: Which I think also leads to the question. So, you guys have mentioned the block. Let’s maybe explain a little bit more of what that is and what it’s doing, and then also how to use it. Because I have one in my house and also my office, but for someone who may not have a visual of what this is, we’ll, of course, link in the show notes, but maybe explain what it is and how someone would use this in their home with their kids and their lives in general.

Philipp: Yes. I would say it’s about eight by eight by eight inches. And it has plates on the top and plates on the bottom. The quantum block is kind of like the softer device, if you will. It has one plate on the top and one on the bottom. And then the infinity block is the much stronger version. It has three plates on the top and three plates on the bottom. And nowadays we also have a so-called travel block, which actually we created based on customer requests.

They wanted something that they can really easily travel with, put it in their car. So, that’s way smaller. And it has one plate on the top and one on the bottom, but its inside, it’s as strong as the infinity block. And as strong, what does that mean? It has more power to move energy, to provide energy, to harmonize. It usually has a larger radius, and it measures higher on the Hawkins scale. When I say stronger, that’s what I mean by that.

And so it’s very easy and simple to use. So, frankly, every 5-year-old can already understand what they can do with it and how to use it. The first thing is you don’t have to do anything with it at all. You just put it in your home or in your hotel room or in your car in this case. And it harmonizes the energy in the whole area depending on the radios that it has. So, the infinity block has a very large radius of, you know, about a kilometer even, that’s very big.

And then the quantum block covers at least a whole home. So, you can always say, no matter which of the blocks you’re using, your home is covered, unless you have like this, you know, multi-billion dollar mansion, then maybe you need a few of those. And that’s the first thing. So, it literally harmonizes EMF because EMF has an impact. We know that no matter which method you use, you can see also in your blood that it has an impact.

And that can be neutralized by the blocks without the problem of not accessing Wi-Fi anymore. So, it’s not blocking it. It’s literally harmonizing it. And the analogy is, you know, if Ian were to hit me in the head, it would hurt. But then if it was transformed while he’s about to hit, and then he’s moving that into slight acupressure, then it’s beneficial to me. So, it’s a touch. It’s the same thing, but it’s done in a different way. And that’s pretty much what happens with these electromagnetic fields.

That’s how I would describe it as an analogy. That’s the first thing. You can copy frequencies with these devices. Any frequency that you want to copy, you can copy, so you can be your own homeopath. You can charge objects with quantum energy, which is very interesting because you could charge your silverware, your glasses, you know, your plates at home. And even your jewelry, for example. And then what happens is that these pieces have a higher vibration afterwards. So they transmit quantum energy.

For some people that don’t know much about energy and can’t sense it much, they would at least tell you, if you have this golden watch before, and then after putting it in, it looks more beautiful. And they won’t be able to tell you why, but then people that are most sensitive to energy, they can feel it because it has a finer vibration. That’s pretty much what happens.

And then, yeah, you can charge foods. You can charge water, obviously, and things like that. And, yeah, then there’s some more use cases, but those are the main ones that you can use. Of course, you can put your own hands or feet, etc., inside. And then, you know, these effects are actually greater and faster because the field inside the plates is stronger and more powerful than outside the plates. Maybe I forgot something.

Ian: No, I think that’s the perfect explanation of it.

Katie: And since it’s affecting energy, I think people might ask, are there any things that should be avoided in it or around it, like electronics, for example? Can you use it too much? Like if someone was not used to that and then had it in their home and was charging all their water in it, for instance, could it cause changes very rapidly and lead to kind of uncomfortable effects, or is it a very gentle process?

Philipp: It’s a very gentle process, so you can charge all your water. That’s no problem whatsoever. The only thing we caution is if someone is very new to energy work, you know, you’ve never meditated, you’ve never done yoga, you’ve never been exposed to anything, quantum energy, and you live a relatively unhealthy life. If you then start to put your hands in these blocks for too long in the beginning, detox effects actually happen. But you’ll notice that.

You know, it’s a little uncomfortable feeling, but you will notice that usually before it happens. If you’re very insensitive, then you know, you may notice it a little bit too late and you feel like, “Oh, wow, this was a little bit too much.” Then just go ahead and drink a lot of water, and you’ll be totally fine. But so in the beginning, we always tell people, if you’re new to this, you know, put your hands in there maybe for five minutes at a time and just feel how it does, and then you can increase it a lot over time. That’s what I would say at least

Katie: Anything to add to that, Ian? I know also maybe we should have a caveat related to the allergy use just so that people aren’t putting peanut butter in that. And then are there any cautions there?

Philipp: Yeah. Well, I must say, so for this one, we’re not making a claim in regards to the allergy. Blood, hydrate variability, all these things have been studied backwards and forwards since years now. But with the food allergies, that’s something that has been reported by many, many, many people to help. Even we’re talking people with gluten sensitivities and all of that. But do not do this at home.

Do not try this because we need to have these studies first, because there are too many different substances, too many different people. And there’s no guidance we can provide at this point because we frankly also don’t know. Do you need to charge it for five minutes, six minutes? Does it work with all of the substances that can cause food allergies? But studies are already being set up right now in regards to that.

And as we get findings out of real studies, we will provide guidance, and we’ll also then make specific claims for certain things. But at this point, be careful with it. Our recommendation is to not try this specific application at home.

Ian: Yeah. I would second that. Despite the fact that it does seemingly work that way, you don’t want to be the one person who finds out that it…oh, it turns out it doesn’t work on a toxic celery allergy, you know. It would be a bad scene.

Katie: And you mentioned if you start having those detox reactions to drink more water. And so I’m curious about the hydration component here. It seems like in general, it’s a good idea to hydrate well, and that often a lot of problems can be related to lack of hydration. But it also seems like anytime we’re talking about anything related to energy, the body might have a higher need for water and hydration.

Is that something people should be aware of when they start introducing these types of technology into their homes, just to be aware of having enough hydration?

Ian: I’d actually recommend that pretty consistently. Yeah. Water responds amazingly well to changes in energy fields. You know, and since by molecular count we’re comprised of over 99% water molecules, things that affect water profoundly like a quantum block or, you know, any quantum energy manipulations really do have a pronounced effect on your physiology.

So, yeah, if you can stay very hydrated like Philipp was saying, it definitely buffers things if you do start to have a detox reaction. So, I certainly recommend that, but I pretty much recommend that across all fields. People are usually kind of grumpy and unfun when they’re not hydrated properly.

Philipp: Yes. So, I would second that, and generally, we say in the first two weeks of having these devices, especially in the first week, just make sure that you really are aware of, you know, drinking a lot more water. But then it’s also interesting, the water once you charge them, it’s actually better water that you take in. You know, I’m not really versed too much to explain how that works, but it seems indeed that the water can be absorbed in a different way by the cells than the water before you charge it.

And that’s pretty much what the Emoto Institute also says. How that exactly works on the scientific chemical level, I don’t know. Maybe Ian knows that, but it’s very interesting. So, you hydrate more.

Ian: Yeah. So, actually, what’s happening, there is kind of an interesting function. The water that your body uses for hydration isn’t exactly the water that you drink. It’s the water that’s processed out through your mitochondria. So, when you consume water, you’re basically providing yourself a building watch just the same way you would akin to eating food and, you know, having oxygen.

All of those things are components that allow us to produce what our body needs. So, when you take in that water, it actually goes into your mitochondria, and your mitochondria are filled with nanoscopic rotors that literally rotate at 9,000 RPMs. And they process the water through as things cycle through your electron transport chain. And so when you’re looking at things that are at that small scale, literally, shifts in the elemental components of the hydrogen, for instance, like deuterium-enriched water versus deuterium-depleted water, make a huge difference.

And so it’s a very quick leap to say, well, if things are operating at that sub-atomic scale with a profound interaction, then the things so close to where you’re having quantum effects, that’s in that same domain, it can affect the way things move enzymatically, it can affect tunneling, and all sorts of effects like that. So, yeah, when you charge something, that’s really the scale that these things are operating at.

It’s maybe, you know, two levels just below that. So the impact seems really pronounced and outsized. And I think because of that, when you modulate things at a quantum level, literally, the water really is different because you’re affecting it at its core, and it’s so close to that point source.

Katie: And I also know you guys have a new service related to this that I’m excited to try that works, from my understanding, at a distance, which is a new concept. So, can you guys explain what that is and how it works?

Philipp: Yes. And I didn’t know we would go into this but, of course, we can because that’s certainly…that’s much more woo-woo for anybody because that’s a hard concept. Already, if you have an infinity block in your hands, that’s already like, “Oh, I don’t plug it into the wall. How can this work?” But then it works. Crazy, right? But now quantum entanglement is something that’s…it’s not a new concept.

It has been proven multiple times in labs, but what’s new is now that, you know, everyday person now can basically tap into that in a very positive way. So, we’ve created this system, we’ve built it for quite a long time that is extremely flexible, that can provide quantum energy, pure quantum energy with different levels on the Hawkins scale, to a specific location. That location could be you, for example. If you wanted it for you, it could be your home, it could be your car, it could be your phone, it could be your pet.

And it could be a business, frankly, also. So, those are the different types of services that are being offered with a free trial. So, there’s a seven-day free trial so that people can actually experience it and then see for themselves what it actually does. And you can play around with it because you can set different levels on the Hawkins scale for you for the day. You can set it for the night.

You can even select the booster, and actually multiple boosters a day if you want. There’s no limit to it, really. That’s in essence how it works. And if one understands how the quantum field works, then this is not crazy at all. It frankly is like, it couldn’t be any other way than that, but the problem is that the whole quantum field and how it works it’s just so new to us. It’s a very new concept that we have a hard time getting through that.

But also here, we made sure that we don’t just talk something, and we’ll make that trial available, but also studies have been done. So, randomized sham-controlled, double-blind studies were done to analyze the blood. And in 100% of the cases, positive changes happened to the people on all measurable levels. And, yeah, there’s not a single person where it didn’t work, and it also worked rapidly. And it works over distance. So, it doesn’t matter, you know, where you live. You can benefit from that.

And, yeah, it’s profound. I mean, we understand that this is mind-boggling, of course, but at the same time, it works. It just works, and you can test it, you can measure it. And it’s called Quantum Upgrade. So, that’s how that is called. And, you know, in case you need the URL, it’s So not com, dot IO.

And by the way, so if…we’re happy, if you want to provide a special code for you and your listeners, if they want to have more than one week, you know, we’re happy to provide two or three weeks for free for them so that they can really test it and see for themselves, is this something, how does this benefit? And, you know, one of the things I wanna mention, you know, initially, I said, you know, for families and kids, so, obviously, as a company, we always need to be mindful in regards to saying something about kids or pregnant women right now.

I mean, there’s so much regulation out there, but if you think about, we’re not making any disease claims. What is being optimized and balanced out here is the system as a whole. And kids grow up and their brains are still growing and developing and all of that. If they do that in this EMF soup that we’re living in with bad food and toxins here and stressors there…and stressors are not just the ones that we, you know, take in through bad food and bad air and all of that. It’s also, you know, what people had to go through the last two, three years.

Those are also big stressors on kids. And if you can provide like an energy source that can help them to be more balanced and be in a much more stable position so that they can buffer all those things in a much easier way, I think that’s a great thing. And, yeah, so people have reported just amazing results. We actually have several people that gotten infinity blocks for the schools of their kids, just to put them there. They have an energy field that is supportive. And, yeah, so I wanted to at least mention that without going into too many details because we can’t really do that.

Katie: Anything to add there, Ian? I think you were gonna say something for a minute.

Ian: Yeah. I’ll chime in. It’s interesting, you know, because a lot of this, it is like Philipp had said it, it’s difficult for people to grasp, but once you start to kind of get the edges of how this is really functioning, it couldn’t be any other way. And the quantum entanglement that’s occurring, for us, the experimental data is coming back faster than the science can actually keep up with it.

So, a lot of the things that we’re able to test and repeat over and over and over and get data sets on that are very conclusive data sets, in reality, we still don’t have a way to qualify it and to, no pun intended, quantify it because science is a point on a line. And when I taught biochemistry, one of the things I always said was the best tech that we have today, the most thorough understanding that we grasp of anything, a thousand years from now, it’s going to most likely appear laughable to most people because we’re just at the very outer edge of what our understanding can be.

And a lot of the functions that we see here, you know, it’s repeatable and demonstrable much like starting a fire. You know, people used fire for quite a while and knew what it was going to do and knew the results well before they understand combustion cycles and what was actually happening with electron diffusion. And, you know, the science catches up behind the reality, and the benefit of, kind of, making the leap here is that the tangible, positive, beneficial effects to everyone are profound.

And so I, as a scientist, I would just say that a lot of the things that seem difficult to grasp, you don’t… You know, I’m gonna be the last person to say take a leap of faith, but I’m going to say, look at it, surmise what’s going on, make a critical assessment of what the data says, and then base that not on what, you know, historical accounts are because we’re just playing catch up.

You know, we’ll codify this. We’ll write it down. We’ll figure out the mechanisms. We already know that it works. We can already prove that it works and see it demonstrated remarkably well in 100% of cases, which is, again, kind of bizarre from a scientific standpoint, but that’s just the reality of it. So, as kind of…just to assuage some of the doubts of this, we’re not going to probably have all the data and all of the results back in on how to codify this stuff for quite a while.

You know, I mean, there been really brilliant people working on a lot of the quantum physics aspects of this for decades. And quantum biology is probably my favorite thing to discuss and talk about. And this is really…we are at the bleeding edge. This is where the rubber meets the road of quantum biology. And the effects are profound, real-time.

You can see them. It’s demonstrable over and over again. But the explanation, again, you know, back to my analogy for fire, the explanation may be lagging a little bit, but that doesn’t mean you need to eat things cold. You know, it’s just take this, run with it, fix your body, heal yourself, move forward in a positive way, and leave it to, you know, me and the guys in labs to try and come back and codify all the stuff after the fact.

Katie: Yeah, and it seems like a good recap of some of the things we’ve talked about is to focus on other things that are complimentary as well. Like, you both mentioned meditation, and I’ve seen a profound change in my own life from that as well. Meditate, let go of those negative emotions that can often kind of be really sticky, and make these things difficult. Hydrate. I would also add, get sunlight and get in nature, stand on the ground barefoot.

And then implement things like this in your home so that when you’re not outside in nature and you don’t have everything perfectly lined up, you kind of have this advantage as well.

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I have a feeling we might get some follow-up questions about this one, so we might need to do another round one day. And, of course, I will link in the show notes for you guys listening while you’re on the go,

We’ll have links to all the specific things we’ve actually talked about. But any other points either of you wants to mention before we wrap up and/or any recommended reading or books that have been profoundly impactful to either of you that you would suggest?

Ian: I’ll say the book that Philipp mentioned earlier, and I know I’ve recommended this before, but “Power vs. Force” by David Hawkins is phenomenal. The “Green Eggs and Ham” by Dr. Seuss, both very brilliant tones. Kidding. Definitely take the Hawkins over “Green Eggs and Ham.” No. And other than that, I would say what you had just said, Katie, regarding releasing emotions and things like that, all of these functions based on waveforms and harmonics, those things are waveforms too.

So, the negativity, you know, it’s hard for two things to coexist in the same space, and the strongest field is going to win. So, it sounds kind of corny, but the more you can imbibe yourself in love and feelings of gratitude and share that with people in your community. I mean, one of the most important things for me, aside from eating right and exercising and doing meditation and all that sort of stuff, is actually having a community of people that I genuinely love and want to be around. And so I would simply say that, just feel more love and try and spread more love, and that’ll have very profound effects.

Philipp: I can only second that. That’s amazing. And, you know, besides the love, the gratitude that you mentioned, that’s always something, you know, it’s sometimes hard, you know, during times that are really intense, like the last several years, and everyone has their own personal issues, but there’s always something we can be grateful for.

And if we can just find this one thing or the two things throughout the day that shifts the energy within us, that’s a great, simple thing to do. In regards to “Power vs. Force,” you know, you can also google it and then at least look at the scale so that you understand what this is even about. And then if this interests you further, you know, get the audiobook or so, but there’s a way that you can at least understand a little bit of the concept by just looking at it on Google possibly.

And then I wanna mention, you know, how can you get in touch and how can you learn more about it. So, we have a large telegram group that is all about the quantum technology and the various products and all of that. I will share that again, that link with you after this. It’s called the Quantum Power Group on Telegram. It has over 5,000 members now, but it’s a private group, so you can’t find it on your own. So you literally have to have an invite link. we’ll make that available.

And then there’s a small new group. It’s the Quantum Upgrade Community. That’s for this service. So, whichever you’re more interested in, you can pick and choose. You can find me in there too. So, questions are answered that way. You know, so you can just get in there and just read through it or ask any questions you have.

Katie: Awesome. And I’ll put links to all of those as well. Those will be all at, so you guys can find them all in one place. And I know we tackled some pretty big concepts today that might be new for a lot of people listening. And I know I always learn a lot from both of you and that I’ve seen changes in my own life from this technology. So, I’m excited we got to go deeper on it today. Thank you both so much for your time, for being here. I know you’re both extremely busy, and I’m so grateful that you’re here.

Ian: Our pleasure.

Philipp: Thank you so much for having us on, Katie

Katie: And thanks as always to all of you for listening and sharing your most valuable resources, your time, your energy, and your attention with us today. We’re also grateful that you did, and I hope that you will join me again on the next episode of the “Wellness Mama Podcast.”

If you’re enjoying these interviews, would you please take two minutes to leave a rating or review on iTunes for me? Doing this helps more people to find the podcast, which means even more moms and families could benefit from the information. I really appreciate your time, and thanks as always for listening.

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