‘Industry’ Creators on Shocking Season 2 Finale, Harper’s Future, and Season 3

(Warning: Spoilers for the Season 2 finale of Industry front.)

In two seasons, IndustryFascinating anti-hero Harper Stern (Myha’la Herrold) tries to find a way out of many love affairs and lies as a junior banker at Pierpoint & Co. she earned a degree from a prestigious university, even though she never graduated from the state college she actually attended.

At first, it looked like Harper would soon be ousted because of his fake college transcripts. But her supervisor, Eric Tao (Ken Leung), impressed by her determination and cunning, graciously kept her secret – until tonight’s awe-inspiring Season 2 finale, which ended ended with Harper being terminated from the company.

In Industryshort broadcast time, co-creators and writers Konrad Kay and Mickey Down has proven adept at planting seeds and allowing them to proliferate in the most unexpected and surprising ways. For example, it’s easy to forget that Eric always had the upper hand in a power struggle with Harper throughout this season, namely because her scorecard was never even mentioned. It also sounds like Harper, who has successfully traded with hedge fund manager Jesse Bloom (Jay Duplass) eventually got Eric removed from the Cross Product Sales desk, completely forgetting that her supervisor might one day weaponize this information against her.

Earlier in the Season 2 finale, she and Eric managed to sell Adler (Trevor White), the FICC’s Global Director at Pierpoint, on their pitch to a “super team” to sell the macro hedge fund never including traders Rishi (Sagar Radia) and Danny (Alex Alomar Akpobome). However, when Harper arrives at work at the end of the episode, Rishi is present and seems to be well aware of her plot. And the final scene, when Eric drags Harper away from her desk and they take the ominous elevator to human resources, is one of the most tense scenes in the entire series.

“We love the idea of ​​her being taken off the floor after she just came back from this glorious win. [and] was put in an elevator,” Down told The Daily Beast. “A lot of what happens on the show is in the elevator. She has this last interaction with Eric, a callback from something that happened in episode one. It felt like the first time they really showed their hurt in front of another person. Eric says, in his own words, that he cares about her. And then he led her on this death march [in the finale] through this corridor. It feels weird, surreal, and weird.”

At first, Eric’s decision to let Harper read felt like a delicious payback. But Kay thinks there’s more to the ambiguity when he kicks her out.

“His motives are pretty murky in a pretty good way,” says Kay. “Is this an act of revenge? And does he want to get rid of her? And does he really care about her happiness? Is she a danger to herself? “

His motives are pretty murky in a pretty good way. Is this an act of revenge? And does he want to get rid of her?

It’s important to note that, earlier in the episode, Harper committed securities fraud after disclosing information she withheld from Gus Sackey (David Jonsson) about Amazon’s purchase of Fast Aid to Bloom. Bloom made Harper buy his stake in Rican, Fast Aid’s competitor for the NHS contract, while he was being interviewed on a cable show. On the broadcast, he fooled viewers that there would be an anticompetitive investigation into the sale – which didn’t happen, as he learned from Harper – sending both stocks moving in the right direction. beneficial to him.

When Harper confided in Eric about her mistake, it was surprising that he didn’t blow the whistle. It’s another gesture of tolerance in the relationship as their sworn enemy makes the ending feel like a gut-wrenching punch. Likewise, Kay suggests that her decision to expel her from Pierpoint regarding her transcript could actually be construed as an “act of kindness” in this ruthless environment.

“He’s basically using this little thing from her past to get rid of her before this bigger thing can blow up and hurt her more,” he explains. “I think some people will think he’s doing the father’s trick of severing a child with scissors.”

Meanwhile, Yasmin Kara-Hanani (Marisa Abela) is finally disillusioned by what she initially thought was an empowering move, working in Private Wealth Management at the hands of her dream girl and lover Celeste (Katrine De). Candole). Throughout the season, Yasmin is somewhat unrecognizable compared to the more principled version of her we saw in Part 1. During the finale, she told Celeste she didn’t want to represent men like her father, who she discovered had children with one of the women he had married. This resulted in Yasmin angering Celeste and her father, who called her a perverted religious child before freezing her account and changing the locks for her apartment. However, watching her go down after her strange power ride was a relief.

“I think it’s a slow attrition,” Down said. “The way we discussed it in the writers room was that throughout the season, she shed scales from traditional eyes about her father, about her privilege, about her childhood. And throughout the season, she’s doing that negotiation. “

Similarly, banker Robert Sphering (Harry Lawtey) spends the final few episodes of Season 2 negotiating his sexual relationship with predatory client Nicole (Sarah Parish). On the other hand, Robert is a grown man with a fetish for being dominated. On the other hand, he learns that Nicole assaulted Harper and most recently Pierpoint’s new employee Venetia (Indy Lewis). When he confronts her about her behavior in the finale – before she finally jerks him off – it’s hard to tell if he feels like a victim or if he’s angry. himself for creating conditions for her.

“I saw different people having different scenes in episode four when [Robert] and Harper are talking about the fact that Nicole had a moment with Harper,” Down said. “Some people say, ‘Oh, Robert is sad because he’s not the only one who’s been harassed and abused by Nicole. He doesn’t feel special anymore. ‘”

“He knows Nicole is bad news,” Kay added. “He knew her behavior with Venetia and Harper was to blame. But he just couldn’t help feeling like his position was different. At the end of the day, he’s the one who really gets looked down upon. “

Perhaps the most curious and unpredictable character in Season 2 is Gus, who is mostly “stepping on the water”, as Down puts it, entering random gigs and starting a relationship with his son. Bloom. But in the finale alone, he manages to lose his job with Aurore (Faith Alabi) after spying on Amazon news, get it back after Bloom uses the intelligence, and then lose it again after he told Aurore that he shared confidential information with Harper. In the end, though, he’s sitting on a private jet with Bloom, which raises questions about whether he shared intelligence with Harper knowing he’d benefit in the end.

“That’s not the point,” Konrad admitted. “Me and Mickey shot that scene over and over because, on some levels, we didn’t want it to be too simple. It feels very authentic to this life, this information and insight and how the little nuggets are passed on through the housemates. In banks, there’s the whole idea of ​​a China wall where you separate the two. But obviously, people talk.”

Overall, the season finale benefits from a feeling of overarching ambiguity rather than concrete conclusions. Viewers have been asked some interesting questions about the future of these hard-working professionals, especially where Harper will land with such a huge stain on her résumé. About whether Kay and Down can see a future for Industry With no crafty foreigners at the center, the duo remains tight-lipped.

“To answer that question would take away too much of what we were thinking about for Season 3,” Down said. “I mean, Harper is the center of Industry at this time. We love the character. We love them all. What was interesting to us was that we wrote a version of the Pierpoint withdrawal program. Whether it’s forever or something that we walk back to, it’s essential to grasp. “

For more, listen to Jay Duplass on Last Laugh Podcast.

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