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[The following story contains spoilers from the first season of Apple TV+’s Surface, including the season one finale, “See You on the Other Side.”]

The first season of Apple TV + Face ends in a duel, with Gugu Mbatha-Raw’s protagonist Sophie, embracing her past identity as Tess Caldwell and returning to the UK in search of Millie Brady’s Eliza, whose face The blood that haunted Sophie.

While Apple has yet to renew the psychological thriller, host Veronica West said that when she was thinking about the ending to season one, she wanted to find a way to keep the show going.

“There needs to be at least one more chapter on Sophie’s past, and that’s why at the end of the pilot you hear the name Tess for the first time and these memories of Millie Brady’s character. keep showing up, and the reason they do is because it’s one of the most traumatic things that happened to Sophie,” West said. The Hollywood Reporter. “In the actual science of how this thing works, the most hurtful memories may come to the surface first, even as they get older. They have the simile that the more times a sled cuts the tracks in the snow, the deeper the grooves and if someone has thought about this traumatic moment or something important in their life the more , many times before the injury has occurred, those grooves will be deepest and those memories will return more quickly. So with this idea of ​​subtext and Sophie’s past haunting her through memories of this woman, we knew we had to embed that in the show’s DNA from the beginning to make it like an organic sequel, if we’re going to be lucky enough to make one where this show will go next. “

She added, “For me, the most exciting thing is what made Sophie this person. If season one is about who she really is, what she really did, that she’s the bad guy in many ways, then what was she running from across the ocean? Why is she starting her life over? What are the current memories of her deeper past and her childhood, and how did she become the person we know her during season one? “

West isn’t the only one planning a potential second season. Talking to CHEAP in FacePremiering in New York earlier this summer, Brady said she knows more about Eliza than audiences have seen.

“A lot of the things we learn about Eliza will come later, hopefully if we do a part two,” she said. “It was enough for me to get the background of the character. But what I am quite interested in is the fact that there is a large part of Eliza’s personality which is also a mystery to me.”

To return to her life as Tess in England, Sophie appears to fake her own death, running across the Golden Gate Bridge before disappearing and leaving her belongings behind. While Oliver Jackson-Cohen’s James initially denied that his wife was really gone, he discovered that Tess Caldwell’s bank account had been wiped and found a video showing her still alive. .

About when and what prompted Sophie to leave her life in San Francisco, as Sophie and James are still grappling with the death of Baden (Stephan James’) but also trying to make a fresh start in When Sophie wanted to test her own secret, West said that James’s actions greatly motivated it.

“Baden’s death and believe that James is responsible for it [plays a part in what Sophie does,]West said. “But also realized through episode six, the flashback episode, that he really did create this false reality for her, and if he didn’t, if he told her the truth when she If he wakes up that day, this won’t happen. maybe happened. Baden is probably still alive. It’s like she won’t be looking for answers and not feeling as bored as she used to be, and the story will go in a completely different direction. So it’s Machiavellian in a sense, but what she did to James, I think there was a real emotional purpose to her about holding the mirror up to him and [asking him] how do you feel.”

Who is ultimately responsible for Baden’s death remains unclear, but James strongly alludes to Harrison (François Arnaud) in an explosive controversy.

And Arnaud said earlier CHEAP in Face debut that he was intrigued by his character’s journey.

“It was interesting to discover how far the good guys infiltrate the bad territory,” Arnaud said of his character, who he calls a “deep exterior” and a “commitment” to avoiding “self-examination” and discover yourself and be ready to go the distance. to protect his friendship with James but also just as an action guy should have thought more before acting but couldn’t”.

Although many of the characters in season one seemed isolated by the end of the final episode, West said they could still return in a potential season two.

“[Sophie] She will definitely leave a tsunami after her actions, so people won’t let the sleeping dogs lie,” she said. “Even if Sophie has other plans, I think there’s definitely a chance that some of the people we’ve loved from season one will return.”

While Sophie seems to have worked out her jump off the ferry at the end of season one, and the video footage seems to confirm that, West says Sophie’s psyche as she leaves the boat will remain a mystery.

“What happened on the ferry that day was a crossroads. I always believed that she would never remember what she was thinking while dancing,” she said. “She will never remember what she was feeling, and we get as much information as we can about that moment – ​​we watch the footage of it, we hear the eyewitness testimony, but you will never know her exact intentions. Is she dancing to end her life or start a new one? In a sense, I’ve always felt it doesn’t really matter because what matters now is what she chooses to do in the present, and even if she takes ideas from that past scenario, her choice to do this in the present actually doubles down on the show’s premise and shows how much she’s matured as a character and her abilities in the show. future. “

After Surface began with an apparent suicide attempt, Sophie found herself in season one faced with the question of whether she had a history of mental illness, and West said that the show will continue to explore the psyche. hers.

“At the end of the day, the show is really a psychological thriller. And in that genre, we can’t really shy away from exploring the really dark shadows in people’s minds,” she said. “Sophie’s stories are always about who she really is and what she really feels about herself and the people around her. Those are the mysteries the show unpacks, so I thought hold up that mirror for her and allow her to ask the really tough questions about herself and ask the tough questions about her DNA. her, her family history, these are the things that will continue to defame her in her story and push her to find more answers. ”

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