Is It Worth Dismantling a Washer and Dryer for Scrap Metal?

Is it worth dismantling a washer and dryer for scrap metal?

When you’re cleaning a house or dealing with a huge pile of trash, chances are you’ll have a significant amount of scrap metal. In the past, I went online to find someone who could save us our troubles and solve it for us. However, as inflation continues to rise, I am always looking for new ways to generate income. Seeing these ads from scraps on Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace proves I’m not alone either. As my mom’s appliances came out, I wondered, is it a good idea to take apart a washer and dryer for scrap? Or, should I save myself time and headaches?

How do you dismantle a washer and dryer?

These days, you can really learn to do anything with online video tutorials. A quick YouTube search will give you lots of results with who show you how to dismantle your devices step by step. All you need is a drill, cutter, protective gear and what you’ll find in a basic tool kit.

If you’ve never looked inside your device, it’s possible to simply take them apart to see how they work. However, in my experience, it’s much easier to take things apart than to put them together. Therefore, be aware that this advice is simply for breaking them down for scrap, not for repair and maintenance.

Separation while dismantling your scrap metal

Removing the washer and dryer for scraps will make you more money than selling the whole thing. But the burning question is, how much more?

If you do not disassemble the device yourself, you will be paid in British pounds for the cheapest component (steel). However, you will want to separate the metals if it has aluminum, copper, or brass components because these metals cost much more. Again, the video can help you determine what type of metal you have. You can also use a magnet or a grinder to determine if it’s steel or aluminum.

Separating the metals as you go on will save you even more time later. Although most seasoned barbers will tell you there are really only a few parts worth it. So the fastest and most efficient way to make money is to separate the motor, pump, gearbox, wiring and control panel from the rest of the machine.

Prices fluctuate for scrap metal

Another thing that you should know is Scrap metal prices fluctuate daily. So there is no set price and the amount of scrap yards willing to pay per pound varies.

Unfortunately, scrap metal prices have dropped recently. While copper typically sells for $3-4/lb, it is being sold for around $2.40. When the price goes up, you can usually get above $1.80/lb for brass, however, now it’s down to $1.60. Steel is down slightly at $160/ton and $140/ton for complete vehicles, but still down from scrap prices from this time last year.

Based on this data, you will get even less metal in the washer or dryer than usual.

Is it worth dismantling a washer and dryer for scrap metal?

If you’ve never done it before, dismantling washers and dryers for scrap can be a valuable learning experience. But if you do decide to disassemble them, be prepared to spend a few hours peeling them off and then transporting them to the scrap yard. Even so, you can save yourself some time if you decide to sell the entire device.

After calling a few local businesses, most told me they charge $0.05/lb if you go this route. Your average washing machine weighs about 170 lbs. and the dryer is about 124 lbs. If you calculate based on these figures, you will get $8.50 for your washer and $6.20 for the dryer. On the other hand, if you disassemble them, you will also earn a few dollars more for aluminum, brass and copper (if applicable).

In fact, it’s probably not worth your time if you only have a washer and dryer. And with gasoline prices skyrocketing, the cost of getting it to the salvage yards will further reduce your profits. Though if it’s a newer model, you might be in luck selling it for parts online.

Best tips and tricks

For those interested in dismantling scrap equipment, here are a few tips to help you maximize your time and profits:

  • Online to find more about.If you’re not sure where to start, go online to find videos, websites, and other resources to help you learn how to disassemble and identify things. Not only will it make you more money, but it will also help you unpack your stuff faster.
  • Start with the simplest tasks. Start by removing the door, lid, and other removable parts. Not only will this help reduce hazards, but working from the outside to the inside will also give you better access to the internal components.
  • Arrange as you go. Don’t just throw everything in the pile; Separate the metal as you go. Keep separate piles or buckets for each metal so you don’t have to reclassify later. This will save you time and make you more productive.
  • See scrap prices.Scrap prices fluctuate on a daily basis, and even if prices have fallen, monitoring the market can help you identify trends and the days you can maximize your revenue.
  • Keep safe. Your safety should always come first. Make sure appliances are unplugged before you leave for work. And, avoid taking things apart before you know what you’re working with and are aware of potential dangers. You should also wear protective clothing (gloves, eyeglasses, long sleeves and pants, closed-toe shoes or steel-toed boots) when working with metal.

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