My First Colonial Experience

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I had my first checkup today, and it was amazing – it was a pretty wild ride. In fact, I had to write a blog post about this ASAP. Let’s jump right into the subject, but be prepared – some of these can be a bit TMI. There’s no way around it, we have to really get down and dirty the details. SEATBELT.


Colonotherapy or colon hydrotherapy is when they flush your colon (5 feet long!!!) with warm water (up to 16 gallons!!!) to hydrate and irrigate all the substances. poison out. The colon is where waste leaves the body, and it’s not just food waste but also waste from your blood vapor. If the toxins don’t get out through the colon, they’re absorbed back into the body and while your body usually knows how to get rid of toxins on its own – you may find yourself in need of help and here it is. when the large intestine comes into the conversation.

Now before I start with the supposed benefits of colon pills, let me say – I am not a doctor. This is not medical advice. ALWAYS, do your own research. There are medical professionals who are “fans” of colonic medicine, and of course – there are those who are not. I’m sharing the benefits I researched that helped me make decisions when it comes to colon medications, and I’m also going to share a few of the risks people talk about. CAPITAL?


It helps to remove toxins from the body.

+ can help improve gut health: the gut plays a huge role in your overall health, immune system, mood (!!!) and nutrient absorption.

+ maintain regularity and prevent constipation.

Energy boost: not having to use energy to work hard to get the poison out allows it to be used elsewhere, thus boosting overall energy.

Helps with weight loss: your colon can hold up to 8 pre-digested meals, which is a LOT. Colon hydrotherapy helps flush it out and kickstarts metabolism.

Cleaner skin: when toxins get back into your bloodstream, they can often try to get out again through your skin (aka pimples!)

+ can help eliminate negative energy in the body.


+ bacterial imbalance: you are excreting out of the colon, in the colon there are also good bacteria that will be expelled along with bad bacteria. You need good bacteria to support detoxification and the immune system. When I had colon pain, I asked about this, and my students actually infuse probiotics (enemas) at the end to make sure you still have that good bacteria. You should also take probiotics after treatment.

+ abdominal pain & dehydration after colon. The colons stir up toxins, and for some people this can cause stomach problems after this procedure which can lead to dehydration. So far, I have no nausea or any stomach problems!

infection, rectal and/or bowel tears- these are rarer and are the main reasons why you should research who you are seeing. If they don’t sterilize equipment properly or follow the correct procedure, it can cause some serious problems.

Quick note on constipation: while colon pills can help clear up constipation, if you are chronically constipated – there could be something else going on and you don’t want to depend on colonic pills. colon to get things moving. If your constipation is persistent, see your doctor instead of going to the doctor because your body should know how to get rid of toxins on its own!!

MORAL OF THE STORY- don’t just see anyone, meet someone who knows what they’re doing and is well versed in colon medicine and do your research thoroughly!

Well, a few real reasons.

First, I love trying new things. I’m always trying things out, and when a friend I trust tacitly says she’s been doing them for a while and life isn’t short for her, I sign up right away. .

Second, I’m getting married in 3 weeks and like I said above – I still have a few extra pounds to lose in quarantine. Figured this might just be the boost I needed.

Next, energy !! I am all about energy both in terms of the amount of energy I have as a human being, and removing negative energy from my body. Colonics can help get rid of the bad energy you’re holding in your body, and can also help with one’s mood and just give an overall “light” feeling. This is extremely attractive to me.

Finally, I heard that colonic medicine can really benefit people with autoimmune diseases, and since I have Grave’s disease, I thought this might really help me. I won’t know until I finish more labs, but I hope this can help calm down my thyroid function!

NOW- for the good. Let’s discuss my colonic experience as it was actually quite interesting and different from anything I’ve ever done in my life.

I had to prepare for the appointment by avoiding carbs and sugar, drinking a TONS of water and eating mostly fruit/vegetables/green juices.

i went to Ciara at Living Water Wellness (if you’re in San Diego, mention my name for $50 off!), it was awesome, and she started my appointment with some systemic lymphatic drainage with a special tool. When it’s over, it’s colon time. She asked me to put on my robe, completely undress, and go to the bathroom to make sure everything was cleared (bladder too!).

Next, I lay on my side on a table, she grabbed the tube, told me to take a few deep breaths and then up. It doesn’t hurt, but it’s not really comfortable. My best tip, do your best to relax. Being stressed and “squeezed” makes it much more difficult and uncomfortable.

Once it got in, it was fine, and then the water started…and wow.

I don’t know how to say this gracefully, but let’s just say, I was scared to go to the bathroom on her desk. Feels like you have to GO BAD. This is normal, but it’s not the best feeling when you’re lying on the table and having someone there with you. My stomach is a little tight, bubbling (gas is coming out), and I feel… different from anything I’ve ever felt before. Not painful, but definitely uncomfortable.

She would turn the water on and then turn it off – when the water is on is when I feel the most uncomfortable (obviously) and then when she turns it off, I’ll be resting…and that’s when” poison” will come out through the tube and you can literally watch it unfold. TBH- I closed my eyes. I don’t want to watch it, and it feels weird that someone else is watching it!!! I’m very tight-lipped about the bathroom business, so I feel pretty vulnerable at this point, but Ciara made me feel very comfortable and encouraged me to take a look. I glanced at it and screamed every time and immediately closed my eyes.

She would give me a belly massage, to help with everything, and the whole thing lasted about 45 minutes. When we’re done, she takes the tube off, which is the most annoying part of the whole thing for me (inexplicable, it’s just a weird feeling), and then she gives you to the restroom to see if you have to “go”. I didn’t, she said it was fine, but she said that the next few days I might have to “go” more than usual as things loosen up during colonization.

I was told that the first usually removes the least amount of toxins – she says the second gives much better results. Scary, can bring an eye mask, but very excited (lol).

After the treatment, I sat in her infrared sauna for 30 minutes (additional treatment to sweat out more toxins) and then went home. I feel fine, no nausea, no stomachache, but I’m SO STILL. I ended up taking a nap for a ridiculous amount of time and I read online that being tired is normal and means the body is cleaning itself properly & that when you are super tired afterwards – it could mean You’ve got a lot of toxins that need to be eliminated.

All in all, I’m satisfied with that and plan to do two more things before the wedding, and then follow up every month to keep things going!!


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