My morning routine: Skincare tips from a spa superstar


My morning routine

Skincare tips from a spa superstar

Angela Jia Kim

author and founder of Savor Spa in NYC

From Korean facials and hair “orgasms” to a series of serious cleansing rituals, author and spa owner Angela Jia Kim has some great advice — for your skin and for your skin. life — that anyone can use. Kim, who was a concert pianist before opening the Savour Spa in New York (with locations in the West Village and Upper West Side), says: “I used to make things happen by working to the bone myself. for myself. skin care line based on the multi-step Korean beauty rituals she grew up with. “Then I had a crisis. I’m like, Yes Okay is a better way to express what I want than always hustling. I’ve found that you can achieve success in a completely different way — a lighter way to feel nourished and not lead to burnout. “

She wrote it all down in her new book, Radiance: 12 Sequences of Self-Love to Express Wealth, Beauty, and Joy. “I wrote it in COVID, but that book was 10 years old,” laughs Kim. “I also got divorced during COVID, but we are still really good friends — writing books and practicing these rituals have helped me show true love.”

6 a.m: My internal clock wakes me up. I put on classical music and let myself out with red rose bushes all over my balcony — I have a small rose garden in the middle of the city. I water them almost every morning and talk to them. I say things like, “Welcome to the world, gorgeous.”

6:20 am: In the bathroom, I bask in the rosy mist from Savour. My skin needs a drink first thing in the morning, and toner is like giving it a big glass of water. I say an affirmation when I am saying: “I am glowing; I feel renewed.”

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7 am: My morning coffee is meditation on its own. There’s a great thing about the fact that no one else is there — my partner is at work at this point, and my daughter is in school. The cup I’m drinking is very important; it has to be cute enough to inspire. I also have a perfect spoon.

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7:30 am: Meditation is like taking vitamins: You may not exercise for a week, but gradually you begin to notice that you are no longer resilient. After meditating, I realized that I intuitively knew what to do with the business. (Spa work sounds like a light job, but it’s anything but.) My mantra is “Easy, cool.” Then I did a little yoga with Adriene from YouTube.

  1. 8 a.m: I take a shower and apply my hydrating mask with manuka honey and chamomile — the best detox. Once a week, I use goop’s pink salt exfoliating shampoo — I’m obsessed. It makes my hair very shiny; My hairstylist recently asked me why my hair is so unusually soft. I didn’t even follow the instructions — I rebelled, and instead of just focusing on the scalp, I massaged it all over. My hair has an orgasm when I use it.

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  1. 8:20 am: After showering, I add a rose toner—I do it four times a day for instant radiance—and apply a hyaluronic acid serum. I can’t live without it; It holds moisture in your skin and helps it stay super moist.

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  1. I follow that with the carrot rose serum, truffle face cream, and caviar eye cream. My skincare routine is running a marathon — I’m playing a long game. I try to treat my skin like a tree and give it lots of water. Moisturizing is one of the best things you can do to get rid of wrinkles and give yourself an instant glow.

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  1. Once a week, I make pumpkin skins with lactic enzymes to smooth the top layer of skin from sun damage.

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  1. 8:40 am: I love massages, and if I have time, I do my own facials (instructions are in my book). The premise is to treat your breasts the same way you would a facial, cleaning, massaging and even smoothing them with a clay mask. It feels great after your breasts are stuffed in a sweaty bra all day. It has the power to tell them, “Thank you for being healthy.” They do so much, they deserve some glorious moments of the day.

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  1. 8:50 am: I put on light makeup. I love the transparent color that goop tinted lip balms give my lips. I’m giving one to my daughter because I love the ingredients: We usually swallow something like a 7-pound lipstick in our lifetime. When I gave birth to her, she weighed 7kg, and that fact is still fresh in my head.

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I apply the brow pencil to contour, a little blush, some ILIA on my lips when I go to a meeting, foundation from Vapour, and sunscreen.

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  1. I get eyelash extensions every two weeks because I just want to wake up looking great. They’re really not noisy.

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  1. I dye my hair with henna once a month and wash it regularly. I want to be able to pull my hair back and look good in a minute in New York.

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  1. 9 am: I started working. I love these chews—the taste—and I just want to be the “perfect attendee” girl. I feel like they help me appear in the mentality for work.

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