Now is a great time to jump into the sky of no people

An astronaut looking at a strange object.

You no longer have to endure survival and crafting missions to enjoy the sights of this vast galaxy.
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No Man’s Sky‘S the latest update, named “Waypoint”, allows you to adjust the difficulty of the game in a variety of ways, making the game easier or more difficult in key areas. This has the side effect of making the game more accessible. So for example, if you love the idea of ​​traveling a seemingly endless universe, but are bogged down by crafting and survival elements, Hello Games has now given you mode-level options. god to tailor the game to your taste.

This is not a simple “easy mode” switch; now you can extend as many different elements as you want. Want to cut down on all survival factors but increase the difficulty of ship-to-ship combat? You can destroy survival elements while raising the difficulty and damage of enemies across the board. Enjoy the crafting elements but find resources too scarce for what you want? You can increase the frequency of using natural resources while still enjoying the joy of hunting and gathering.

If you find yourself drifting in and out of the game due to different pain points or have been struggling to get friends to join, this guide will highlight some of the common struggles in the game. NMSindicates which new difficulty settings to consider reducing to create a more pleasant experience for everyone.

No Man's Sky's new game menu shows several options.

Choose a custom game that will give you the ultimate control over a whole new savings.
Screenshots: Hello Games / Kotaku

Start in Custom Mode (if you can)

You get the most freedom to shape your experience by starting a new game with “Custom Mode”. There you’ll find additional options beyond the difficulty setting that you can access mid-game, such as the ability to unlock all blueprints, enable permadeath, and adjust stacking advertising space.

Happily, all these tough options are for each user. If you don’t want the challenge of keeping your starter booster energized but your friends are deadly survivors, now you can all co-exist in the game with these challenges. challenge to match your expectations.

Just like the graphics settings menu of PC games, the new difficulty options have preset choices you can further customize if they don’t quite suit your taste. The “Normal” preset has more or less gameplay. You can also choose from “Creative”, “Relax” and “Survival”. If those words sound familiar, that’s because they were previously the mode you would choose when starting a new game. Now you can more or less get the benefits of those separate modes whenever you want in a single or multiplayer game.

While those broader presets may suit your needs, you can also ease the difficulty on some aspects while leaving others untouched. Here’s how to do it:

An astronaut standing outside their ship on an alien world.

Now you can really just “go there.”
Picture: Hello games

Make it easier for you to travel

Moved in NMS, especially when outside the planet, can be a bit of a challenge. While you can enjoy the challenge of waking up on a mysterious planet and securing the resources to fuel the ship and power your journey set, others may see That experience was so unsettling. And while you can upgrade your jet set and sprint abilities as you play, the initial limits on those elements can be a bit too restrictive.

If you just want to make the universe move a little easier without sacrificing combat and the overall challenge of crafting and survival, then Sprint, Fuel Use, and Hyperdrive System Access are the correct settings.

Sprinting, located in “Survival Settings”, starting at “Standard”, you will run out of breath after the HUD stamina meter runs out, taxing your life support systems. Press that button to Relax and your sprint time will virtually double, and you won’t be draining life support afterwards either. Choose Infinite and you won’t even have to worry about the cooldown timer. You get it: Lifting it isn’t such a drag anymore.

Difficulty options for survival settings in the No Man's Sky program.

Surviving in the galaxy is much easier now. Or more difficult. Your choice!
Screenshots: Hello Games / Kotaku

Another pain point involves your ship’s propulsion. Nothing can pull the wind out of one’s sails like jumping into a ship to take off, only to realize that you’ve forgotten to refuel your thrusters, leaving you stranded on a plane. chimpanzees may want to kill you for a little longer than you want. Like many things in NMS, you can upgrade these ship parts through hard and hard work, but the new difficulty options let you skip the process of finding the right blueprints and crafting materials. Under “Crafting and Item Settings”, simply drop the “Fuel Usage” setting to “Discount” or “Free”. On the other hand, if you want to claim harder fuel for yourself, you can raise it to “Expensive”.

Fuel usage also affects your mining laser when walking, allowing it to work indefinitely, at a reduced or increased cost over a standard setting. Adjusting fuel usage will also change Pulse Drive and Hyperdrive refueling requirements, allowing you to refuel free of charge menu requests. However, you still need to see the actual gauges on them.

You can also unlock requirements to join specific solar system classes, giving you the freedom to go for red, green, and blue systems without the need for specialized technology. Under “Ease of Use”, switch “Hyperdrive System Access” to “Unrestricted” to switch to different systems as you like.

An astronaut fights strange aliens.

New battle and damage settings let you put dangerous wildlife in its place.
Picture: Hello games

Make the universe want to kill you less

When shooting up NMS For the first time, you can be seen as a paradise of a world, where the weather is always wonderful, the wildlife is mostly docile and there are no angry guards for slow but steady depletion. your regularity towards the planet’s resources. But you can also be transported into a world where the air burns, everything wants to eat you, and every resource-gathering effort summons a bunch of goddamn environmental robot cops.

You may want to keep a little of that challenge, or turn all of that off. You can start with “Survival Factor” in Survival Settings. In NMS, you are often tasked with maintaining your health, protecting at risk, and supporting life. The survival factor allows you to tailor who you want to be related to. The first reduction setting allows you to eliminate any need to sustain life support, but environmental damage and physical damage from combat are still in the mix. One more step down and you’ll only have to worry about your health bar from enemy attacks. One more step down to “None” and you can travel without concern for any threat by setting it to “None”.

A sub-branch of the Survival Settings, “Damage Level”, will allow you to scale the overall damage you and your spacecraft can take. Switch to “No” to never take damage, even crash, or crash your ship into furniture. You can also use the “Technology damage” setting to keep your device healthy (or make it harder on your own if you so choose.)

You can also change your death condition, making it more or less punishable if you bite the big one. The simplest setting minimizes all item loss. Only on a new game you can also enable permadeath by asking it to delete your save on death.

No Man's Sky difficulty setting shows battle options.

If you put creatures on passive and still kill them, yes, you are a monster.
Screenshots: Hello Games / Kotaku

Four options allow you to tailor the battle. The overall strength of the enemy is at your command with “Enemy Power”, which allows you to power up or debuff your enemies. You can adjust foot combat, minimize or eliminate it entirely. Similar to space combat, you can tweak it individually to make zero-g battles more lethal, leave it at default, lower the difficulty, or remove it from the game entirely. Creature settings options are also provided. You can make the creatures react with hostility only when you harm them, or make them completely passive so you never have to worry about angering wildlife.

Just a word of warning: You can’t turn off space combat mid-battle. If you get stuck in a gunfight, you’ll have to try to find a way out first.

Difficulty options for crafting the No Man's Sky program and installing items.

If dying isn’t your thing, you can say no to it now.
Screenshots: Hello Games / Kotaku

Promoting the resource economy

Survival in the universe of NMS It’s not just about avoiding natural hazards and avoiding wild animals. You must also gather resources to fuel the vital functions of your suit or ship, and craft various items to keep moving.

For starters, you can choose to turn off all crafting requirements in the “Crafting” option. Now you can build and craft without any materials. Just go to the menu and create all the warp cells, metallic coatings, antimatter and carbon nanotubes you desire.

If you still want the challenge of gathering resources, you can increase the amount you will collect by adjusting “Natural Resources” in the Survival Settings. This will increase the amount you recover from mining or collecting. You can also adjust your scanner’s reload speed, so you can scout without a cooldown.

If you’re really crazy about power, you can influence the real financial economy of the galaxy, too. In Crafting and Item Settings, you can reduce the cost of any purchase to a Discount or set everything Free. Additionally, you can also influence the availability of items in trading stations across the universe, making different elements more scarce or more abundant. Now everyone will have the technology you need and you won’t have to pay a single credit.

You can also adjust the Inventory Stack Limit, but this is only available from the start with a custom game mode.

No Man’s SkyNew difficulty options could dramatically change the nature of the game. If you were previously disqualified due to any of the struggles mentioned above, the new update could make your way through the trillions of worlds easier. Or harder, space should be an invitation to suffering instead of wonder. With the new ability to customize the game to your exact taste, the vast universe of No Man’s Sky somehow just a little more extended.


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