Overwatch 2 was unplayable last night, but The Memes sank

Junker Queen sat on the floor disgruntled while an Overwatch 2 warning flashed on her screen announcing that she couldn't log in.

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If you can’t log in and play the sequel to Blizzard’s much-anticipated hero shooter, Overwatch 2, You are not the only one. After months of developer updates, the free game launch date has been met not one but two DDoS attacks, forcing players to endure ungainly long queues only to be met with a high probability of subsequent login errors redirecting their trick to the back of the line. Really, really Overwatch 2 is waiting for us on the go.

I was prepared to write down my own impressions of Overwatch 2, but last night, I also made a login error and was only able to squeeze in for five matches before being kicked back into the queue. In an effort to turn mountains into Mountain Dew, I’ve recorded my playing and (mostly) non-playing experience. Overwatch 2. Prepare yourself for these stories from Overwatch 2 lined up.

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Hours: first
Queue status: 40,000 players before me
Emotional vibration test: Perturbed

The irony didn’t happen to me, though Overwatch the group claims that OW2 More than just a glorified update for OW1I’m actually sitting on my Xbox watching my loading screen OW1 get an update called “Overwatch 2.” As annoying as all of that is, I also can’t help but feel nostalgic about my strange journey with this game. It feels like it was only six years ago (because it was) when I first waited OverwatchMy Xbox came out while sitting in my freshman college dorm. I’ve played the beta, advertised it to friends and am ready to put it along The Witcher 3 and Missile Federationthe games that would feed me between classes in magazines.

So it felt more than ironic that six years later, I would be sitting in the living room of my second apartment awaiting Overwatch 2’s launch so that I could cover it for work. I’m still coming to terms with going to school for journalism while playing Overwatch in my downtime to becoming a games journo with a whole-ass bachelor’s degree who’s covering Overwatch’s sorta sequel. Shit’s weird.

Suffice it to say that last night Overwatch 2 quickly became a meme as I and countless others waited to finally be let in to play the game. In reality, this wouldn’t come to pass for some time, thanks to the variously 20,000 to 40,000 players ahead of me and OW2Your server is under attack.

Hours: 2
Queue status: 20,000 players before me
Emotional vibration test: Hungry

It would be dishonest if I didn’t admit it, because of this point of mine OW2 purgatory, I gave in to temptation. I lost focus and bought a second—yes you heard me, Monday—McDonald’s Adult Happy Meal Toys. Now listen to me, I’m still on the side of the plastic toys that are destined to occupy US landfills because they’re ugly as hell, but I can’t deny my desire to own the main grimace face. verily in his own bible and continue to document his presence for any future home guests. At least that’s how the script played out in my head. So far, I’ve only had Cactus Buddy at Hamburglar Flea Market and Cactus Plant Flea (boo!), so I can only hope that the third trip theoretically gives me a purple asshole. As you can guess, there is no OW2 update this hour because i’m too busy with broiler maximization.

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Hours: 3
Queue status: 40,000 players before me (again)
Emotional vibration test: Bored

By this point, I’ve given up all hope of playing OW2 and resigned my Steam Deck startup to do anything but play video games. Technically I have the clock off, so why not? Why shouldn’t I live comfortably and use my glorified laptop to update my stories? I got caught up in episodes of What do we do in the dark and even start watching the latest episode of HBO’s medieval white man drama Dragon’s House. The Targaryens family name is chaotic. Obviously, I’m not the only one who sees this purgatory as an opportunity to metaphorically touch the grass. Another person would be OW2 the player attacks the town and finally won fourth place at his local pub quiz night. Congratulations.

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Hours: 4
Queue status: 20 people before me
Emotional vibration test: WE MOVE OUT

The promised time has finally come to me. Like Adam’s Creation, Junkrat’s rough fingers graze mine through the Xbox controller, and I’m greeted with a gratuited slow-motion shot of Genji’s epic new look, trying to entice me to give this game more money than I already have purchased loot boxes from the Summer Game before. But my will is strong because all I care about is how my sweet kids, D.VA, Mercy and Moira, are looking. OW2. Lo and behold, all my skins and emojis are still there, despite being updated with OW2New character models. It really pays to be big on OW2. The only thing that is yet to be seen is whether or not I can get stuck in the game.

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You can see, This old boy is still moving. And by moving, I mean digging healing mines and tanks because OW1Queuing times are terrible if you’re trying to play a damage character. Out of the five games I played last night, including OW2My new push map, I just lost one. So far I have played so far OW2 basically play like OW1 only with the added bonus of the more detailed looking character models and its maps at different times of the day.

The main handle that I have OW2 so far, gunfights are no longer like wars of attrition, where applying team-based strategies in narrow chokepoints feels rewarded. Instead of, OW2The maps are larger and the 5v5 gameplay feels more like team battles in Call of Duty where individual pop-off plays are the focus.

One opposite OW2, compared to the closed beta, the outcome of the match is no longer the same as the previous conclusion if you or the opposing team have an early advantage. This is because OW2New passive damage and healing attributes where, if you’re training, your health and movement speed will gradually increase. I find this update to the game a welcome change in making the characters across the board feel more durable rather than reintegrated. OW1scary meta barrier. No one likes every character and their mother has a barrier that you need to rush down, or be stunned left and right by nasty heroes. (Look at you, Brigitte.)

However, my arrogance towards actually getting into the game soon caught on, leading to my ruin. Share my PotG clip on social networks to let everyone know I’m “that guy” rushing to bite my ass because I’m back in the game OW2My server decided to log me out and banish me back to the shadow realm of the login queue with the rest of you. Get upset.

Hours: 5
Queue status: 400 people before me
Emotional vibration test: Snoring

In the end, like with its predecessor, what saved my soldiers from being rustled by OverwatchMany of the omissions — prolonged limited content, persistent login errors, or the promise of a classic story that consistently receives feedback — are memes pouring in from the community. Last night it was all full of energy and made me remember why I loved playing this cursed game in the first place.

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Playing Overwatch meant being able to hang out with my friends all over the country in the late evenings. It doesn’t matter whether we’re actively rolling in multiple games or implementing an epic game win strategy; At the end of the day, OW serves as an atmosphere like keeping my favorite movie playing on mute while I strike up a conversation with my house guests. Less weekly challenges for skins and emoji purchases, and more for an excuse to call a friend and schedule a play date — which I hope to continue OW2are weekly challenges, because I won’t pay for not passing Monitoring Points. That just ruined the fun of getting items when playing with my friends.

The best part of waiting to play OW2 ended up not getting in, it was seeing the memes everyone made while we waited. It’s heartwarming to see Overwatch community is alive and active the only way we can, by sharing memes from our folders when Overwatch 2 as well and for when it is inevitable to fail. Hopefully by the time I feel the urge to get back into the fray and maybe play some of those new characters, Blizzard will sort out its servers.


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