Resident Evil 4 Remake: 13 tips and tricks to know before joining

Capcom’s Resident Evil 4 remake is finally out, and it’s awesome (Read about why in our review here). It has some cool changes and new additions that are sure to keep Resident Evil 4 fans in the loop and a lot of things are coming back. Whether you’re new to this game or someone who’s played it dozens of times, here are 13 tips and tricks that we think every Resident Evil 4 player should know before taking on this remake. .

shoot bullets

Throughout your journey through the ancient and completely harmless lands of Spain, you will encounter hundreds of enemies. Many will use standard melee attacks and grabs to stop you, but most will have projectiles. Enemies can throw axes, torches, Molotov cocktails, dynamite, etc. You’ll want to avoid getting hit by these bullets (you can block the axe!), and one way to do that is to kill the enemy first. when they throw them.

That does require some speed, though, and if you don’t have time to do that, shoot bullets. In the case of Molotov cocktails and dynamite, doing this can cause an immediate explosion, damaging the thrower and possibly other enemies around them.

Complete all requirements (So you can buy must-have items)

New to this Resident Evil 4 remake are the requirements, which are blue sheets of paper that are often taped to the wall throughout the game. Collect one to initiate the request. They’re usually quick and easy – you’ll find a few quests that require you to kill a handful of rats in a particular area, usually nearby, or others that require you to shoot down colored medallions Floating green for example. You should complete everything you find as doing so will reward you with special pink gems called Spindels. You’ll find some of these throughout the game, but most will be collected through requests. These are important because you can trade them with the Mystery Seller for special items.

Here you can trade Spindels for two all-important items: Location Map and Upgrade Ticket (among other things). Location maps are must-buys in my opinion and they only cost five Spindels. They reveal everything on the map – treasures, blue medals, items you didn’t pick up, etc. Buy them when you can! Upgrade tickets cost a lot of Spindel, but they are worth it because they allow you to apply exclusive upgrades to weapons early.

To purchase this exclusive upgrade, you need to upgrade every other feature of the weapon. But with the Upgrade Ticket, you can soon get that exclusive upgrade, such as a 1.5x power boost to your pistol or shotgun.

If you can’t find the treasure, search (and listen too)

If you followed our advice on the tip above, then you may find yourself searching for a treasure marked on your map. And sometimes, you’ll be right at the treasure icon on your map but see nothing like the treasure around you. That’s because it’s likely to hang above you. Listen and if you hear the sound of metal swaying, that’s a cue for you to look up. You should spot something like a metal lamp hanging above it – shoot it down to reveal the treasure inside.

Learn to block (and dodge) as soon as possible

For the most part, this remake of Resident Evil 4 doesn’t feature the short-lived events from the original game. However, there are prompt buttons you will need to press quickly in combat situations. With Leon’s knife or any other knife, such as the scattered boot knives, you can resist any melee attack. You can also hold L1/LB to block an attack. But if you hit L1/LB just before an enemy’s attack hits the ground, Leon will parry the attack, stunning the enemy and leaving them ready for a melee attack (read: round kick) or knockdown. down if you can get behind them fast enough.

We recommend learning this block timing as early as possible, and that you should practice learning how to time this block against enemies earlier in the game. The same goes for evasion. Some attacks will prompt Leon to dodge, and you need to quickly press Circle/B to do so correctly. Luckily, the game tells you exactly when to dodge or parry on screen, so this should make it easier to learn the timing of these defensive moves.

Don’t Skip the Shooting Range

The firing range in this remake is a bit different from the original game. A few times in Resident Evil 4, you’ll see an elevator behind the Merchant. Go inside, and it will take you to the shooting range. Here, Traders have created unique shooting range minigames for you to complete.

Aim for the highest score by killing every pirate in range and make sure not to shoot any sailor or you will lose 500 points. Also, if you see a pirate with a silver skull token on it, aim straight at the token for a 300 point reward. You will need to do all of these things to get the highly coveted S rank. Completing these objectives will earn you silver and gold tokens, which can be used in the machine by elevator.

Like those toy dispensers at your Steak n Shake that no one else probably uses, the Seller’s dispenser will reward you with special decorations that can hang on your Storage Box. You can hang up to three ornaments and each ornament gives you a special reward, like increased ammo crafting ability, knife repair discount etc. Use gold tokens in dispenser will increase your chances of getting rarer jewels, so you’ll want to try to complete the gold token objectives in the shooting range.

Try Stealth

New in this Resident Evil 4 remake is that Leon can now stealth behind enemies and use his knife to instantly kill them. Many encounters in this game simply don’t give you a chance for that, as you’ll be in the midst of dozens or more enemies intent on killing you. However, if you realize the enemy doesn’t know you’re there, crouch with Circle/B and try to lunge at them. I especially like to find high level crossbow users who will be very difficult to handle when fighting others and taking them down stealthily. It’s an easy way to kill enemies, and it’s quiet. Give it a go!

Use Flash Grenades

Flash grenades are very important in Resident Evil 4. Not only do they stun regular enemies, line them up for quick and easy stealth kills or melee stuns with round stones, but they also kill. instantly any enemies have turned into their Las Plagas-. version. Sometimes after killing an enemy, or sometimes even before that, the enemy’s head will explode and a disgusting bloody tentacle arm eyeball will shoot out of their neck.

These enemy variants are hard to take down and deal a lot of damage. Sure, you can waste four precious shotgun rounds on them, or you can just throw a flash grenade at them, which will kill them instantly. Now, it’s important to note that flash grenades are not so abundant in the game (although you can craft more), so we recommend using them for groups of two or more guys. This particular enemy if you can help.

Do not use herbs before combining them

When you collect green herbs (restores health), red (boosts the effects of other herbs) and yellow herbs (boosts max health), you can find themselves wanting to use them for healing in stressful situations. That’s perfectly fine and understandable, but if you can help it, maybe use the First Aid Spray you’re holding instead.

That’s because the herbs in Resident Evil 4 are significantly stronger when combined. Ideally, you keep the herbs on hold until you can create triple healing concoctions as a standalone green herb while enhancing your maximum health or th… something similar. Use herbs alone if you must, but try and combine them when possible.

Save your jewelry if you can help it

Throughout Resident Evil 4, you will find yourself collecting various jewels and treasures. You will find some treasures, such as the chalice and the crown, which have empty slots. You can place jewels in these boxes to increase the selling price (to Sellers) for these items with a special increase. And even better, if you can dip gems of the same color into the slots, you’ll get an extra special boost in addition to the sale price (there’s also a bonus for different colored gems).

For example, if you have a tiara with four jewel slots, try to fit four jewels of the same color into these boxes to maximize the sale price. This is a great way to maximize your profits throughout the game so you can unlock as many upgrades as possible through the Merchant. Of course, in case of an emergency, sell a gem or two, but ideally keep them until you can dip them into the treasure trove for that special reward.

Critical hits are hard but worth it

Sometimes, critical hits happen on their own, as does the nature of critical hits. That’s why you should always aim for the head of most enemies. But there is a way to increase your chances of getting one. When aiming, your reticle will be a bit wide, but it’s effective enough to shoot nails.

However, wait a few seconds without moving your target and the reticle will zoom in a bit. If you move too much, the reticle will shrink, but if you shoot an enemy while the reticle is zoomed in, your chance of hitting a critical hit increases. This is hard to do when fighting multiple enemies, but if you’ve jumped on several enemies and want to take out one quickly, try this reticle zoom tactic.

Finish your enemies with a finishing blow

The best way to know that an enemy is dying is that they will drop an item for you to pick up, indicated by a faint yellow, red, green, or blue light emanating from their body on the ground. If you see that, you are safe – that enemy is completely dead. But if you don’t see that, that enemy will either return or turn into a more deadly Las Plagas creature.

This is why it is important to completely destroy all enemies. Sometimes, after an enemy falls, they will start writhing on the ground – if you see this, quickly run to them and press R2/RT to stab a knife in their throat. What you just did is prevent them from turning into a more dangerous variant of the enemy. Hey, Leon!

shoot crows

This one is simple but useful during your time in Resident Evil 4. If you see a crow, shoot it. It will usually drop around 300 Pesetas. Do this throughout the game and you’ll collect thousands of Pesetas, making it easier to upgrade Leon’s kit. You will know crows are nearby because you can hear them. However, be careful because you can scare them off by moving too much or if you get too close.

Upgrade any weapon you want

There are all kinds of weapons in Resident Evil 4 and as you play through the game you will find different versions of pistols, shotguns, etc. You may be wary of upgrading some of the original weapons. your own, especially if you know that you can get or buy more powerful weapons later. But don’t! If you upgrade a weapon and then sell it to a Merchant, they will return you money to buy the weapon and the upgrades you invested in it. Therefore, you are free to upgrade any weapon you want, and when you are ready to part with the weapon, you will get your money back for the upgrade. We’re yet to determine if it’s a one-for-one return on your upgrade investment, but it feels pretty close!

Do you have any Resident Evil 4 tips and tricks? Let us know in the comments below!


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