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At first glance, Two Rock, Arizona is merely a sprawling town occupied by little more than a loft and a few blocks. But very rarely does it first appear, and all it takes to reveal the many layers of As Dusk Falls’ narrative depth is just one little thing, lasting decades tragedy. And that’s all about the story, as it’s an adventure-style graphic novel of your choice that cleverly draws inspiration from games like Telltale’s. Zombie series and 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim. Each member of the voice cast of these unique and interesting characters has their own, often conflicting emotional perspectives that propel the story in hundreds of seemingly logical and connected directions. bright. Through the powerful and often far-reaching consequences of your own actions, this small town is slowly revealed as a container full of secrets, vices, and family ties deeper than any other. what outsiders expected initially.

This story begins with a theft committed by a trio of brothers who, while searching for a lowly place to live, collide with another family at the auspicious Desert Dream motel. In the beginning, you’ll alternate between the quiet youngest brother, Jay, and Vince, a married father who may be more interested in his troubled career history or his family – depending on how you choose to play him. The voice acting is a few steps higher than it should be, including familiar names like Deus Exby Elias Toufexis and ProfitJane Perry’s, just to name a few, and each character is portrayed with believable conviction. For a game with so many tunes like this, very few games are clumsily played, and that’s a huge positive.

The orange art style definitely draws back to shows like Breaking Bad, and ends with the painterly reminiscent of Disco Elysium also. Some might appreciate this art style, but arguably, that’s what makes it stand out from other story-focused games where the uncanny valley can make the execution Certain scenes become too difficult. Once I got used to it, my imagination started filling in the gaps between the frames. As a result, I remember many scenes with much richer detail than they actually do.

The moral tug-of-war here goes on and on, and you might just want to play the six-hour campaign a few times.

These characters and their motivations can vary depending on the order of action you choose, such as confronting the saboteur with a shotgun or trying to argue with him. Everyone has their own perspective on Two Rock and its history, and if the story begins to paint a non-player character as a villain, things rarely go that way for long. The moral tug-of-war here goes on and on, and you might just want to play the six-hour campaign a few times; not because you need to, but because taking different paths and discovering these wildly different stories is so satisfying.

It’s great for As Dusk Falls to point out which decision is the big one with a giant sign, but don’t just assume that the most obvious choice will always have the desired outcome. These cascading events are a constant source of twists and turns, which means things can get out of control in ways you wouldn’t normally intend, and practically no core actor is safe. You can also easily roll back a decision that didn’t go your way if you’re picky about how you want a turn to go.

The likelihood that you’ll see anything meaningful on your first run drops to zero, and the availability of up to eight-player mode, where everyone can vote on decisions that make As Dusk Falls a party game than any other visual novel to date. People can even vote using their phones. Under the right circumstances and the right group of people, it can be one of the most replayable visual novels to date.

It’s the plot tension here, not the gameplay.

Fans of crime dramas will feel at home in Two Rock and the pacing is so leisurely that even if your friends and family members don’t normally enjoy video games, this can is a great starting point for them. It’s the plot tension here, not the gameplay; interaction is largely dominated by fast-time events, and the dialogue choices with countdown timer are often quite generous. The core of this story campaign is to explore a multitude of story choices and then watch their often clever and sometimes tragic endings be combined with a story as well written as is possible on AMC. .

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Because it doesn’t waste time keeping you looking for clues to puzzles or floundering in a 3D environment, As Dusk Falls leaves space for a significantly wider number of meaningful decisions than any other Telltale game. and they don’t just feel like they’re giving the illusion of choice. Certain actions, such as talking to a dog or throwing a stick to ward off the dog, lead to two vastly different outcomes, temporarily changing the shape of the story. In another case, a series of events led to a character’s death very early on, while making an entirely different set of choices led to an entirely different ending near the end of the story. Many of these decisions may sound pointless or pointless at first, but they tend to coalesce and influence the overall direction of events. Something you did four hours ago may or may not pop up again. As a result, when I see a chain of previous decisions coming together to create larger consequences, I feel great.

As Dusk Falls’ self-perception of several layers of cascading events is perfectly consistent, but this is still just as confusing to the writer and like in any other story game with a plot. branching, the plot frame is still quite nice. transparent consistency. Certain events will happen no matter what, although it is worth noting here that you may have a chance to see those events from a completely different perspective if you make other choices. together. For example, a character who died early in my first playthrough lived long enough to reveal a secret later in the second and that revelation completely redefines the way I view the story and some of the characters. other. This leads me to believe that As Dusk Falls doesn’t play anything near completely for the first six hours.

Binding these still images together is a superb sound design that accurately portrays everything with cinematic fidelity. The original Forest Swords soundtrack is rich, deep, and tense – starting at the ideal times to create drama with the lows, for example.

However, fast-time events can be made a little easier to imagine because they only really come with the basic prompt “move the pointer or press a button quickly” and they tend to direction shows up in some very strange places, such as a scene where your character is doing something as basic as packing a box. At least it gives you something to do in quieter moments. But overall, As Dusk Falls feels conventional in the area, and after playing Disco Elysium and 13 Sentinels, they both took the whole concept of interactive fiction and turned it into unique, safe ways. when saying that the Interior/Night is not really ready to parachute without a parachute in the resting scene. Yes, it’s a reference to Point Break. But either way, it’s not reinventing the wheel, and its fast-paced events would be extremely boring if the story weren’t so gripping.

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