Things to know about Modern Warfare II’s gun adjustment and adjustment modes

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If you crave destruction, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II happy to offer a near limitless supply of guns that you can customize to a ridiculous level of fun. Seriously, this is as much fun as my nail polish color grading.

But it’s not to make all the other soldiers, girlfriends and non-binary friends jealous of your brutal style; There are plenty of stats that you’ll also want to look at. For every attachment you slap on a gun, there are obvious pros and cons. And when you max out with any given gun, you unlock weapon tuning, allowing you to tweak the feel of the gun and further operations.

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Modern War II gives you plenty of room for freedom, style, and min/max, so while time will tell how the godly meta ends, don’t be afraid to jump in and experiment with a setup that helps You climb the scoreboard while looking eye-catching and matching your playing style.

This guide only focuses on the types of guns you point and shoot, that is, your primary and secondary weapons. Let’s dig inside.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II screenshot showing the M4 weapon platform.

Screenshots: Activision / Kotaku

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II Gun 101

As soon as it loads into the game, you’ll see a set of tabs at the top: Play, Weapons, Operator, Battle Pass, and Store.

Choosing a Weapon takes you to where you can organize your Payload, Destroy, and Customize your vehicle. In Loadouts, you’ll notice you can have up to 10 custom profiles, so don’t worry about needing to commit to a narrow selection. One load includes six items: You have your choice of Primary and Secondary weapons, as well as your Tactical and Damage Equipment, your Perks, and Field Upgrades.

Your payload is presented in a horizontal bar on the “Edit Payload” screen. Selecting a specific load will allow you to configure each of the six types. Some of your available weapons are determined by the Perks you have active for that load. Main weapons are of the following types:

Main Weapons

  • Assault Rifles
  • Rifle
  • SMG
  • Pistols
  • LMGs
  • Marksman Rifles
  • Sniper rifles
  • Melee combat

There are only three types of secondary weapons.

Secondary Weapons

Weapons are further subdivided into Platforms, a layout that resembles an RPG skill tree, indicating attachments you can unlock for any given weapon. When looking at a weapon in the weapon or load menu screen, you can see the Platform’s progress by pressing V on your keyboard (trackpad on PlayStation, view button on Xbox).

For example, the M4 Platform is a group of weapons that includes the M4 assault rifle, 556 Icarus LMG, the FTAC Recon battle rifle, the M16 assault rifle, and the FSS Hurricane SMG.

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You level up each gun by getting out there and killing scores. Some guns from a specific Platform are locked behind a weapon level. For example, to get the Bryson 890 shotgun you need to build your Bryson 800 to level 16. You can also level up each weapon individually for even more customization.

The gunsmith menu shows many weapon modification options.

Screenshots: Activision / Kotaku

Customize weapons and attachments with Gunsmith

When viewing specific payloads in the menu, some guns will have a “Blacksmith” option. Here you can change the way your gun is made.

In Gunsmith’s “Weapon Crafting” tab, you can set various “Modifications” to the weapon’s optics, muzzle, magazine, inventory, and ammo type. You can choose up to five modifications at any one time, and also swap out the gun’s receiver—essentially its core to which everything else attaches—for others in the weapon’s Platform family. . (Note that not all weapon modifications within the same platform are compatible with each other.)

After making the Gunsmith changes, you can jump directly into the Firing Range to check out the look of the new mods. It also loads pretty fast, so even though you can’t directly compare A/B with certain mods, you can still get a feel for each option without being stuck forever behind the screen. loading image.

Each modification affects statistics in distinct ways, and there are pros and cons specific to each. Example: The 419MM EXF Barrel will increase Damage Range, Hip Spark Accuracy, and Bullet Velocity (Pros), but at the expense of Kill Aiming Speed ​​and Hip Recoil Control (Cons) the point).

The second tab in the Gunsmith interface is “Customize”. This is where you can apply different weapon charms, skins, stickers, and more. Each camo skin will have different requirements, but it’s very similar to unlocking attachments: Simply earn weapon XP by scoring kills and completing specific challenges scored under each camo skin . There are also Weapon Mastery challenges for you to complete once you’ve unlocked the Gold, Platinum, Polyatomic, and Orion skins.

The higher you level up a specific weapon, the more attachments you have. Once you max out with a particular weapon, you can start tweaking those attachments for greater control over its performance.

The weapon adjustment menu shows several options for changing the weapon's stats.

Screenshots: Activision / Kotaku

Weapon Adjustment Modern War II

Weapon tuning allows you to further refine the pros and cons of each attachment. Remember, you need to be level 20 with a specific weapon to adjust the mods.

You can’t tweak every attachment, but the ones you do will offer two sets of sliders that let you take advantage of your weapon’s strengths or work around its weaknesses a bit. Keep in mind that these are all fine-tuning adjustments. For example, if you want to max out your Aiming Speed, you should make the modifiers your preference rather than trying to compensate for the slower ADS speed through Weapon Adjustment. That said, the high TTK rate of Modern War II which means even the best adjustments can make a difference in the heat of the moment.

The image on the right uses weapon adjustments to compensate for the slower down-to-target aiming speed.
GIF: Activision / Kotaku

Weapon tuning is really best utilized once you have a good understanding of the gun and the modifications you like. This stage of weapon customization is more of an art than a science, so take your time to figure out what works best for you.

Level up weapons in Modern War II

Making the most of your weapons is one of the main goals of the game, and you’ll make the most progress on the guns you actively use. Keeping a gun in your throat or slung over your shoulder won’t cut it; To upgrade a gun you need to be out there using it to put lead on your enemies.

With so many weapon options, it’s not a bad idea to wear a few guns, two or three at the most, when starting out. Playing with the Overkill Perk item (available in the Assault preset pack) is a great way to see how you feel using two primary guns at the same time.

Weapon progress tree showing different attachments to unlock.

Screenshots: Activision / Kotaku

Don’t forget to take advantage of the power of Weapon XP. You can choose these in the multiplayer matchmaking screen. Be careful though, as your XP increase will count down in real time outside of matches. Note that, it is best to save XP boost to use in playlists without spending too much time waiting.

Quick Play and Ground War usually have faster queues. However, keep in mind that 32v32 modes such as Ground War can cause you to engage in gunfights less often because you often spend time moving between targets. On the other hand, it can be a good opportunity to upgrade a sniper rifle or marksman rifle as you will have more distance to work with. If you’re looking to upgrade a close-range weapon like a shotgun, the smaller 6v6 games might be your best bet, but your mileage may vary.

One thing I like to do is dedicate a separate load to weapon leveling. Label it as “Level Up” and simply use it to swap out any gun you want to progress, leaving your primary payloads as they are and the freedom to choose when you want to change up your play style in a match.

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If you swap out a gun in a reload that you plan to use frequently, all mods will reset, which isn’t ideal. The dedicated reloading process “Upgrade” will allow you to prioritize the remaining nine reload options with the gun, modification and tuning you prefer. You may also want to prioritize some of the Perks that can make leveling a little easier. For example, Overkill will allow you to have two primary weapons on the field, so you can progress with two at once (though again, you need to actively use a certain gun to earns Weapon XP on it.) I’d also like to have Fast Hands equipped to load by level, as it allows for quicker swapping of guns, useful when you’re trying to train for both. Scavengers are another good Perks to upgrade guns, as you’ll be able to earn more ammo in the game.

Modern War II didn’t let you down offering lots of fun weapons to shoot and blow up. Take a moment to assemble your gun, and you’ll probably play better and look cooler off the field. And once you get a feel for the weapons and mods you like, don’t forget to tweak the weapons to further tailor how the game feels to you.


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