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    US reopens embassy in Seychelles after 27-year absence

    WASHINGTON: The United States has reopened its embassy in the United States Seychelles after a…
    30 mins ago

    Biden hails debt ceiling ‘preventing crisis’ from Oval Office

    2/2 © Reuters. U.S. President Joe Biden speaks during debt limit negotiations with U.S. House…
    40 mins ago

    Chad Michael Murray shows off his abs and more in tight sweatpants!

    If you are wondering if Chad Michael Murray still a hottie in his 40s… the…


      13 hours ago

      Honey Simple Syrup – A Beautiful Mess

      You can mix a variety of fresh and dried herbs, fruits, and flavors into your syrups. Have fun experimenting with…
      1 day ago

      Dunkaroo Funfetti Dip – A Beautiful Mess

      This Dunkaroo-inspired dip recipe is made using Funtetti cake mix to create a nostalgic treat. Animal-shaped sprinkles and cookies make…
      2 days ago

      Resin Art – Beginner’s Guide

      An epoxy resin is a hard, resin-like substance (polymer or prep) that contains epoxides. Usually, the resin is mixed with…
      2 days ago

      Breathing, Processing, Taking Time – A Healthy Slice of Life

      The passage of time has really affected me recently in many ways. Maybe it’s watching my kids grow up into…
      3 days ago

      Dragon Fruit Smoothie – A Beautiful Mess

      This dragon fruit smoothie is sweet, fruity and refreshing. Its bright pink color is appealing and the recipe is so…
      4 days ago

      May Weekly Meal Plan #5

      Good Tuesday morning to you! I hope my fellow Americans had a good Memorial Day. We decorate it in red,…


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