11 seconds ago

    Uganda passes strict anti-homosexuality law, to criminalise those identifying as LGBTQ

    KAMPALA: Uganda passed strict laws for same-sex relationships in a country that criminalizes anyone who…
    10 mins ago

    Opera browser adds ChatGPT and AI summarization features

    Just a few weeks after Microsoft launched Chatbot supports GPT-4 into its Edge browser, Opera…
    30 mins ago

    Data shows 40 million people holding 0.0005 Dust ETH, losing $11 million in tokens according to CoinEdition

    © Reuters data shows 40 million people holding 0.0005 Dust ETH, losing $11 million in…
    40 mins ago

    Mrunal Thakur shows his vulnerable side to fans: It’s okay to be innocent and vulnerable

    Mrunal Thakur opened up about being ‘vulnerable and naive’ when she shared a tearful photo…


      13 hours ago

      Honey Mustard Dressing – A Beautiful Mess

      This honey mustard recipe is delicious when used as a salad dressing or dipping sauce for vegetables, chicken nuggets or…
      1 day ago

      Episode #175: Spring Bucket List

      This week, we are talking about our spring bucket list, and Emma is sharing all the exciting details about her…
      2 days ago

      Coffee Chat – March 2023

      Care for a cup of coffee? Excellent. Pour yourself a cup and I’ll refresh my cup, which is now half…
      2 days ago

      10 Things I Love Sunday

      It’s been unusually cold this weekend, but I’ve forced myself to get dressed and go for a walk. Walking is…
      3 days ago

      March Weekly Meal Plan #3

      See all weekly meal plans here. Good morning; happy Sunday! How was your weekend? Mine is good! A bit of…
      4 days ago

      Bread and Butter Pickles – A Beautiful Mess

      This pickle bread and butter recipe is EASY. More specifically, this is bread and butter fridge pickles; so you won’t…


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